Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm ready to talk about it...

Last Wednesday was one of the worst days of my life. It started out with the move into our new house. It was such a stressful day. Jason was at work and I was in charge of the moving company (4 men) loading the moving truck at the old house, the Dish Network guy at the new house, worrying about our cats getting out at the old house because all the doors had been taken off their hinges, and toting a 15 month old back and forth between the two houses. When the moving truck finally arrived at the new house to unload, I asked one of the guys if it was ok if I went to Wal-Mart for a quick trip to return something. He said that would be fine. I was so glad to get away for a few minutes. So Kohen and I headed to Wal-Mart at about 4:00pm. We got to WM, I tossed my keys and my cell in my purse, placed it on the passenger seat, and got out of the vehicle. As I walked around to get Kohen out of his car seat I hear "honk honk".............. I thought to myself, "I KNOW my car did NOT just lock". I tried to open Kohen's door....locked. I tried to open the passenger door....locked. Drivers side door and the back....locked. My baby....inside the locked car. I immediately thought of Kelly from "Kelly's Korner" (a blog I follow) because not long ago she blogged about locking her little girl, Harper, in her car while at Target. Well, Kelly's story was pretty cute and Harper was locked in the car just briefly. So, I didn't panic at first. I realized my phone was also locked in the car. I flagged down a WM worker and he just blew me off pretty much and told me to go use the phone inside Wal-Mart. I told him I was not going to leave my baby in the car while I went inside, he just shrugged. I flagged down a girl getting out of her car and asked to use her cell phone. Luckily Kohen was asleep at the moment. She let me borrow her phone. I tried to call Jason but he didn't answer because he was with a patient. I had to call his office and have them pull him away from his patient. He told me he would put me on 3-way with OnStar. The OnStar lady told me that they would unlock the Escalade within 10 minutes. She told me NOT to touch the door before 10 minutes. At this point I started to panic a little. Seriously, TEN MINUTES! I didn't know how I was going to wait that long. Oh, by the way, it was FREEZING outside. I was shivering. I looked at my watch about 100 times during that 10 minutes. I actually waiting 15 minutes just to make sure I didn't mess up the unlock process. 15 minutes later I tried the door.... still locked. I tried all the doors. They were all locked. I had to flag down another lady to use her cell phone. By this time Kohen was screaming bloody murder. I know he was wondering why in the world his momma was standing right outside the door but wouldn't get him out! I used the second lady's cell and called Jason again. He called OnStar again. OnStar said they had tried multiple times to unlock the car but it failed each time. Jason told me he was on his way so I told the lady she didn't have to stay with me. By this time I was standing outside Kohen's window balling with him. I got lots of stares. I kept telling my baby, through tears, that I was so sorry for locking him in the car. He was pitiful. Crying, screaming, red faced, runny nose, wet face. I was helpless. (On a side note.... the extra set of keys were also in my purse and I did flag down a policeman but there was an emergency inside walmart and all the cops were tied up interviewing people so they didn't have time for me. I wasn't even able to tell them what was wrong b/c they were in such a hurry to get inside...) An hour had passed at this point. Jason arrived and told me that OnStar was sending someone from Parker Cadillac in Little Rock to come unlock the car. He said it would be about 45 more minutes!!!!!! I started crying even harder. A poor old lady saw me and asked if there was anything she could do. I just shook my head. Jason made me go sit in his Xterra to warm up while he stood outside Kohen's window. After about 30 more minutes (I was back at Kohen's window by this time) Jason had the idea to call the Superior dealership in Conway to see if they had any ideas on how to unlock the door. They told him they could cut us a key to get inside the car!!!! I RACED to the dealership, they met me with the key and I was on my way back to Wal-Mart. By the time I got back, the Parker Cadillac guy was there too. I unlocked the door, ran around the car and grabbed my crying baby!!!!!! I hugged him and hugged him and kissed him and kissed him and told him how sorry I was for doing that to him :( By this time it was after 6pm and dark outside. Over two hours. Over TWO hours my poor baby was locked in the car. Thank God it wasn't summer time or I would have seriously bought a sledge hammer at Wal-Mart and broken any and all windows of our new car to get my baby out. Kohen was fine after about 5 minutes. Just smiling and talking away.
I know he doesn't remember what happened but I know I will NEVER forget. I called my mom after it was all over and was not able to talk about it because I was still so upset about the whole thing. I have learned a very important lesson. Never again will I leave the drivers seat without checking to make sure I have my keys.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bath Toys

These are a few of Kohen's bath toys... I thought I would be a good mom and wash them just to make sure they are extra clean. They didn't look dirty, I just wanted to wash them before we took them to the new house. I first filled the sink with steaming hot water and dish soap to let them soak before I put them in the dishwasher. When I was loading them into the dishwasher, I noticed something coming out of the hole in the hippos mouth. I got a paper towel and wiped it. A long black stringy thing came out.... I was disgusted because Jason and I both spray water from these toys onto Kohen to make him laugh. I was curious... so, like a good mom, I took a knife to the hippo...

SERIOUSLY!!!!!! Are you kidding me!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. The bath toys are now in the trash. ALL of them. Even the toys that don't have "blow" holes. I challenge you to cut open one of your child's bath toys.... you might be surprised...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Closing/ Moving day!

I CAN NOT believe it's here!!! We FINALLY made it to closing/moving day! Whoever said buying a house can be one of the most stressful things you do was ABSOLUTELY right! I couldn't sleep last night and I'm awake right now before Jason and Kohen because I'm SOOOOO excited!!! I can't wait to post pictures later of our house (covered in 6.3 inches of snow!)
These pics are from last night before Kohen went to bed...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Let it SNOW!

Oh my goodness! It's snowing!!! We were in Orlando when it snowed last time so this was Kohen's first time to "play" in the snow! I can't say that he loved it but he sure thought it was interesting!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I have been following the blog "Kelly's Korner" for over a year. Today her topic was "Simple Pleasures". I thought I would participate and list some of my simple pleasures...

Walking into Kohen's room in the morning
Singing to Kohen
watching Kohen fall asleep on the video monitor
Reality TV
Snuggling up to Jason at night
Talking to my mom on the phone
Taking Kohen out of his car seat
Phone calls from Max and Maddie
Afternoon drives with Kohen
Kohen running around naked after his bath
My dad's stupid jokes
Being with my extended family
Asking my sister for advice
Scott & Kristin coming to visit
Jason coming home from work
Watching Kohen & Jason together
A clean kitchen
Jason's mom's cooking (especially her creamed corn)
Girl's night
Buying things for my sweet baby
Cheese dip
Making fun of Adam & him doing the same to me
Airplanes-because it makes me think of Jason's Dad, my Dad,
Jason's brother and my grandfather
Old photos
Home videos
Kansas City
Kohen's index finger
Reading in a hot bath
My Husband
My Baby
My family of 3

Monday, February 1, 2010

Orlando 2010

Orlando here we come!!!

We had so many bags.
It was so hard to manage my suitcase, Jason's suitcase, Kohen's suitcase, Jason's golf clubs, the car seat, stroller, Jason's carry on suitcase, my carry on bag and my purse...oh... and my baby. The funny thing is THIS was the easy part.
I know what you're thinking.... "oh how sweet"... Nope. You're wrong. Believe me. Just ask anyone sitting in the back half of the plane.
Take off went well. Kohen sat on my lap and said "Wow" about 50 times.

I had everything covered. Books-check. Different types of cars and trucks-check. DVD player and DVD's-check. Pens (yes, he loves pens)-check. Doodlepad-check. Random toys that I bought just for this trip-check. The only problem was he lost interest in no time.

We had a layover in Maryland. Before we got off the plane the pilot let Kohen sit with him in the cockpit of the 737! It was awesome! Kohen didn't want to leave! If only they would have let him ride in the front during the trip!

Waiting to board our second plane to Orlando...

Still waiting...

Oh, I forgot to mention Kohen peed through his pants on our flight to Orlando.... awesome.

We finally made it. Kohen still had no naps all day.

Kohen had zero naps, went to bed after midnight and woke up screaming at 5am...ugh.

On Thursday we went to Disney's Magic Kingdom!

So this is about the point where I could feel myself getting emotional. Throughout my life I have made many trips to Disney World. This would be my fifth visit. But this time was very different...
It wasn't about me anymore. It wasn't about running to get "fastpasses" or trying to get the front seat on Space Mountain.
It wan't about riding the biggest and fastest rides... It wasn't about doing what I wanted to do.
This time it was different. This time is was about taking MY baby to Disney World. It was about seeing him see things for the very first time. I was glued to his face. I can't tell you what color the flowers were. I can't tell you what conversations were taking place around us or how many people were around us. I can't tell you how many people were in line or how long we waited in line.
I CAN tell you what my baby's face looked like when he rode the monorail for the first time. I CAN tell you what my baby's eyes looked like when we stepped foot on Main Street with Cinderella's Castle in the background and when we entered our first ride. I can tell you what my baby's expression was with every single firework that went off at closing time. This, by far, was my best trip to Disney World.

When I read the information about this ride in the pictures below it said:
"ASTRO ORBITER: No height restriction". They're crazy. Seriously, I do not think a 15 month old should be riding this!!! I had no idea the intensity of this ride! I held on to Kohen for dear life! LOL!

One of Kohen's favorite rides was the "Mad Tea Party Teacups". He LOVED it! He enjoyed standing in line watching them spin around as much as he did riding!

This is Jason changing Kohen's diaper in the middle of the park...No changing table required for the Smith's!

Time to ride DUMBO!!!

This was Kohen right when we got on the "Haunted Mansion" ride. He was awake, alert and excited....

This is Kohen by the end of the ride! The dark, cool mansion was the perfect place to take a nap!

This is outside the Haunted Mansion

Kohen missed the Peter Pan ride because he was still asleep.

Time for the Disney Parade!!!
Kohen said "WOW" at EVERYTHING

Here's MICKEY!

Time for the Fireworks show!

Jason informed me that we had to leave the Magic Kingdom to go pick up one of his friends at the airport. (The whole reason we went to Orlando was so Jason could attend the PGA show). I was SO mad. I thought this was our time (the rest of the trip Jason was going to be tied up with golf stuff) to be together and now some guy that I didn't even know needed a ride??? Seriously? I complained the whole way to the airport. I even called my mom to complain while Jason was inside the airport helping "his friend" get his bags. Jason came out and asked me to roll down my window...I was still on the phone with my mom... very angry...and he just stood there and stared at me. I said "WHAT?".... then I looked over and saw Sasha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not believe it!!!!!!!!!! Jason didn't have to pick up his friend- he flew in my BFF from Kansas City to come hang out with us in Orlando!!! I can't even tell you how shocked and excited I was! All I could say was "OH MY GOSH- I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE HERE"!!!!. I said this over and over and over and over. Even when we got to the restaurant I still couldn't believe it! This was the BEST surprise ever!!!

I was SO happy to have Sasha with me in Orlando. It was perfect. She had never been to Disney World and couldn't wait to visit all the parks. She wanted to do it all, just like me. And I was so happy I didn't have to take Kohen by myself to all the parks! We seriously had the time of our lives!

Park #1: MGM (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

We were waiting in line for the next show/ride and they asked for volunteers. So like the good friend that I am, I volunteered Sasha :) This is her below in the middle...
Sasha's had to play the captain of the ship!
It was hilarious! I got the whole thing on video, so I'll post it later.

Sleepy baby.
Park #2! Epcot!

This picture of Kohen and Sasha was on a huge screen right above everyones heads when we came out of a ride.

Park #3: Magic Kingdom (Kohen and I wanted to go back so Sasha could see it too)

FYI: Going to Disney World in January is the perfect time to go. Hardly any people! We had this boat on the "It's a Small World" ride all to ourselves!!! Can you believe that?!

Later that night Sasha and I walked over to a restaurant while Jason put Kohen to bed. This is a friend we met on our way there!

This is my sweet baby eating his breakfast :)

Park #4: SEA WORLD!!!!

Sea Turtle

Oh my goodness. These are sting rays. I was determined to touch one. I did and I had no idea I would let out the sheer terror scream that I let out! TWICE!

Feeding the dolphins:
This was great. We got to feed and "pet" the dolphins. Kohen couldn't keep his eyes off of them!

This picture is out of place, but cute!
back to the dolphins...

We went to an AMAZING dolphin show. Can you see the dolphin way up in the air on this picture???

The Shamu show...

That night we went out to eat at the Polynesian restaurant that Jason and I ate at when we were on our honeymoon...

We also celebrated Sasha's half birthday, LOL. Yes, I said HALF BIRTHDAY. She has celebrated her half birthday since she was 5. Because her birthday is in the summer, she never got to celebrate her birthday durning the school year... this is the reason for the half birthday celebration :) This is one reason why she's my best friend :)

Continuing the birthday celebration, Sasha and I went to this awesome place!
It's an Icebar!!! Everything except the floor and ceiling were made of ice, even the glasses were made of ice! I love it! Sasha was FREEZING and had to get an extra coat! I was right at home! I could have gone in without a coat and would have been just fine!

I feel the need to add a little something about golf since that's the reason for the trip in the first place! Jason usually attends the PGA shows by himself but I couldn't pass up the chance to take my baby to Disney World and Sea World! Here's a few of Jason's favorite things :)

Jason and his friend Jeff from CA

Our last day in Orlando we only had time for lunch then we had to go to the airport. We decided to eat at T-Rex.

This was our dessert!

WE DON'T WANT TO LEAVE!!!! And how are we going to fit all of our luggage plus Sasha's in a tiny SUV???

We had such a great time in Orlando! THANK YOU SASHA for surprising me!!!! LOVE YOU!!!