Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dentist, Dollhouse & ER Trip(s)

Kohen had his first "official" dental appointment with his Daddy last week.

 He was very good :)

Later that night we went to our friend Joni's house to visit with friends.

 I know what you're thinking... that the ER visit comes soon after these trampoline pictures.  But no one got hurt this time.  This is the very trampoline I broke my nose on...I did NOT get on it :).  Even Kohen said "No Mommy" when I asked him if he wanted me too. LOL

Loving on her buddy Paul

Saylor's new dollhouse 
 It's about time we got some PINK in that playroom!!!

Joni's twin girls came to spend a few hours with us one afternoon.

 Best Friends...most of the time ;)

We took TWO trips to the ER within 48 hours.  The first one was because Kohen slipped in the bathtub (he was in the master tub "sliding down the slide"...) and hit his head on the edge.  I was at a hair appointment and Jason called and said to come home b/c Kohen needed stitches.  I left, before my haircut was finished.  When I got home I agreed that he did need stitches.  It was about 10 pm by this time (yes, I had a LATE hair appointment!).  We headed in to the ER...which has become WAY to familiar lately.  We were escorted down that same hallway where that lady told us "Mr. Wood did not make it".  Lots of emotions were beginning to surface.  Luckily, we were taken to a different part of the ER that I have not seen before, so I was able to keep my emotions in check.
Kohen was being great.  No tears, no complaining.  Just a bloody gash!  The doctor came in and examined it.  He told us he thought the best thing to do would be liquid stitches.  
Thankfully, we were in and out within an hour.  
 The next day he started to get a black eye and it was very swollen.  It got even worse the 2nd and 3rd day but I don't have any pics of that.  Poor Baby :(

Our second trip to the ER (two days later) was for Jason.  He was at work and suddenly had a severe pain in his stomach area.  He knew it was not good and suspected a kidney stone (he had one about 7 years ago when we lived in Kansas City).  He got to the ER and the CT scan showed an 8mm stone!!!!!  They pumped pain meds into him quickly and the doctor (same doctor that saw Kohen 2 days before) said the stone had just passed through his ureter, which caused the excruciating pain.  The doc also said that he was amazed that Jason was able to pass that stone b/c only 1% of people can pass a stone that large.  The stone was now in his bladder.  He eventually passed it DAYS later and I was AMAZED at how big it was.  He will soon meet with the urologist and have the stone sent off for testing.  That may be TMI, but I had to document it!  

And here is a very random picture...  Conway now has a PINK firetruck!!!  I saw it pass the other day on it's way to a car accident on Hogan.  It looked kinda funny with those big firemen getting out of it!  

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some things DO last forever

I got a tattoo.  
I never thought I would get another tattoo b/c I hate the one I got 12 years ago.  My other tattoo is of two tiny flowers.  It's such a stupid tattoo, but I just wanted one, so I quickly picked one out of a clip art book at the "Tattoo Zoo" while we were on a family vacation in Destin, FL.  I came back to the condo and showed my parents.  Both were very mad that I actually did it (even though I told them I was getting one).  I was 20, and stupid, and didn't care what it would look like 12 years later.  I wish I would have listened to my parents.

My new tattoo is different.  It actually means something.  I can't imagine I'll ever "not" like it.  

The tattoo is in my Dads handwriting and says "Love, Dad"

This is how he would always sign notes that he would write to his kids.

My sister and I both got the same one. 

I can't tell you how many times a day I look at my tattoo and think about my Dad.  When I'm sad I look at it... which is a lot of the time.  Or when I'm thinking about something he said or did, I look at it.  When I read it, I like to tell myself that that's what he's trying to tell me at that exact moment... "Love, DAD".  Sometimes it makes me cry and sometimes it makes me smile.    


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kohen and Mommy Day

I've been so wrapped up in thoughts and emotions lately that I decided to take the day off and focus on my sweet little boy.  He amazes me.  Everyday.  He is SO smart.  So funny.  So generous.  I would give my life for this little boy.
Kohen is FULL of energy, absolutely LOVES his sister and did I mention he is SO smart?
As much as he loves (and worries) about Saylor, I decided to take just him to the zoo.  I used to have a zoo membership when Kohen was an infant and we would go a lot.  But we haven't been since he REALLY knows about animals and could completely take it all in.
He was a bit confused where Saylor was (I don't think he remembers life without her) but as soon as we got out of the car and were walking towards the zoo, just us two, he realized how special this day was.

First stop, the fish.  We could have left after this and he would have been completely satisfied!  

He loved being able to tell me which way we should go and which "path" we should take.

He is just like me as far as the zoo goes... you see an animal, you move on.  He was pumped to see the rhino, but he was over it in about 30 seconds wanting to move on to the next animal!  I was lucky to get this picture!

I felt like we had the zoo to ourselves.  We only saw THREE other families while we were there.... probably b/c it was 103 degrees!  (Yeah... didn't factor that in when I made the decision to go to the zoo while in my air conditioned house).  

OMG.  The train.  He could have ridden on the train the whole day.  The next 3 pictures are me TRYING to get him to look at me for a picture.  He was SOOOO excited about riding that he just couldn't stand to take his eyes off of the train!

He loved the penguins!

They loved him too!

I love this kid.

It was HOT!!!!!!!  Kohen said "Mommy, let's just sit down and rest."!  LOL. You have to understand that my kid hates anything to drink except for milk.  He hates fruit juice, water, everything.  He drank this WHOLE bottle of water by himself!  HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

The zoo has an awesome carousel.  We were the only ones on the whole ride.  He had to have the horse with red on it...  He loved every second of it.  He kept saying "Whoa Cowboy!"

Here we are at the very end.  SWEATY, SWEATY, but had SUCH a great day.

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