Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I have been following the blog "Kelly's Korner" for over a year. Today her topic was "Simple Pleasures". I thought I would participate and list some of my simple pleasures...

Walking into Kohen's room in the morning
Singing to Kohen
watching Kohen fall asleep on the video monitor
Reality TV
Snuggling up to Jason at night
Talking to my mom on the phone
Taking Kohen out of his car seat
Phone calls from Max and Maddie
Afternoon drives with Kohen
Kohen running around naked after his bath
My dad's stupid jokes
Being with my extended family
Asking my sister for advice
Scott & Kristin coming to visit
Jason coming home from work
Watching Kohen & Jason together
A clean kitchen
Jason's mom's cooking (especially her creamed corn)
Girl's night
Buying things for my sweet baby
Cheese dip
Making fun of Adam & him doing the same to me
Airplanes-because it makes me think of Jason's Dad, my Dad,
Jason's brother and my grandfather
Old photos
Home videos
Kansas City
Kohen's index finger
Reading in a hot bath
My Husband
My Baby
My family of 3


Mom said...

I thought a hot bath would make your top 5!

Stephanie Wood Smith said...

Ooohhh, I have to add that one!