Tuesday, August 31, 2010

These boots were made for walking (and playing)

Remember these boots? (this is my first time to do a link, so if you don't know how it works (mom), click on the word "these" to go to the link)

I bought them for Kohen back in February (which seems like a lifetime ago). They were HUGE on his little feet. Well, he recently found the boots in his closet and LOVES playing in them now.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mayor Smith

We are so proud of Jason's Dad because he is running for Mayor of Fordyce!!! I can't think of a better person to do the job! Fordyce is lucky to have him :)

Stands For:
  • Economic & Community Development
  • Population Growth
  • Honesty in Government
  • Improving Our Streets
  • Reviewing & Enforcing Ordinances
  • A Strong and Effective Police Dept.
  • Applying for More Grants
  • A Clean and Tidy Town
  • Prayer in City Council Meetings

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Choo Choooooo

It's ALL about trains at our house. Jason and I were trying to think of a reason, any reason, why Kohen loves trains SO much. We've never pushed him to be a train/vehicle lover. The only thing we can come up with is back when I was pregnant, and even after Kohen was born, you could hear the train where we used to live. Every time the train came by we would say to Kohen "There's the train!". Besides the occasional cartoon that might have a train in it, that's all the train exposure he's ever gotten. So why is he so OBSESSED with trains? I don't know.

You can find trains all throughout our house. He meticulously lines them up. He knows that if the magnets on the end of the trains repel, he will immediately turn it around until they connect. He carefully pulls or pushes the chain of trains while studying how the wheels work The whole time he's saying "Choo-Chooooo" or making breaking noises or whistle noises. The newest phrase to his vocabulary is "All Aboard!". I'll have to post a video later of all of this!

I took pictures of all the train "chains" he had going on in different places at the house.

#1: This train is on his "pack n go" train set... This is the train set that always makes an appearance on the airplane when we have to fly somewhere...

#2: This train is on a combination of his plastic track and wood track... This is the train set that had to come to Tulsa with us a few weeks ago-along with 11 engines and train cars...

#3: He doesn't discriminate....even if it's not a train, he will still line up toys like they are trains... I found this in his bed after his nap... gotta love the recycling truck....
He does this at restaurants too. He'll have several different toys on the table and no matter what they are, he lines them up bumper to bumper and makes train noises :)

#4: I think this "train chain" is my favorite. This was on the arm of the couch. There are no actual train pieces in this chain, but he has them lined bumper to bumper just like a train. I especially LOVE the Southwest Airplane as the caboose!

All Aboard! Choo-chooo!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Totally 80's

One of my BFF's, Terri, had her 30th birthday party this past weekend! I didn't know if I was going to make it to the party because I couldn't work out a babysitter for Kohen. SO, I took him with me! I'm glad I did because I think he had more fun than anyone!
We had our own party room, with a stage, so Kohen was able to run free. He LOVED the balloons, but most of all, I think he LOVED Mrs. Fowler!

Kohen pulled Mrs. Fowler around by her finger pretty much the whole time we were there!

Here's the Totally 80's Birthday Girl! Happy Birthday Terri! Luckily she had some cool shades to help with my not so 80's outfit.

This is Kohen and Mrs. Fowler dancing :)

Check out the hot guy in the cut off shorts...LOL! That's Mitch, Terri's brother-in-law! (I told you I was putting it on here Mitch!)

More of the party guests....

We had so much fun!

Earlier that same day....

Kohen is a CAT LOVER. And poor Peyton pays the price for it...

Friday, August 13, 2010

TIme for Bed + Zoo

This was Kohen last night right before I put him to bed :)
Sleepy baby
I love kissing these sweet little lips...

Have I ever told you how much I love this little boy?

look at that sweet little profile :)

I love this little boy


Today I got the great idea to go to the zoo! You can look at it two different ways...
1) I'm a horrible mother because I took my kid to the zoo when it was 104 degrees outside
2) I'm such a great mom that even though I'm the most HOT natured person in the world, I took my kid to do something fun even though it was 104 degrees outside...

I choose #2

This trip to the zoo was different from the first couple of times we've gone (it's been awhile since we've gone to the zoo). First of all, we went alone. It was just me and my sweet baby. Literally....just me and my sweet baby were pretty much the only people in the whole zoo....Guess everyone else was enjoying some AC.
Another reason it was different is because this was truly the first time Kohen understood there were animals at the zoo. In the past he would just stroll and kind of stare into space when I would try to show him something. Today was so much fun. I would point to something and I would watch him loooooook around and I knew the exact moment he would see the animal because he would get the biggest grin on his sweaty little face. He would point and say "WOW" or "What is it?". We walked up to the monkey's and without me saying anything, Kohen started making monkey sounds! Such a smart boy :)

Can you see the monkey in the background?
He was amazed by these monkeys. He's so used to associating a "monkey" with a picture, cartoon or stuffed animal. He would laugh so hard when they would swing or even just walk!

First time he realized there were real fish at the zoo too! He could have watched the fish forever. (By the way....notice the green train on the tray of his stroller...I'll come back to that in a minute)

It only took us 52 minutes to see everything at the zoo. Most of the animals were inside. But the ones that were out were really close to us. Thank goodness the most important animals were out and about (tigers, lions, elephants, giraffe, rhino....)
I hate that I didn't take a pictures of the 3 lions that were right up next to the glass... They were all 3 sleeping. Kohen made a loud "ROAR" sound when he saw the male lion and he meowed when he saw the female lions :)

He LOVED the giraffes. They also got very close to us and gave us all the attention since we were the only ones there!

I didn't take any more pictures at the zoo because it was just too hot to even look through the lens! I did take one picture of my hot, sweaty baby...

Back at home eating lunch.....but BRACE YOURSELF...... Remember the green train?

It's been replaced.... CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! This is the first time, in I don't know how long, Kohen has eaten without having his train sit on the tray!