Wednesday, July 27, 2011

35 Weeks + Baby Shower

I'm seriously about to pop...  and I have 5 weeks to go.   

For the first time I've experienced contractions.  I never had them with Kohen.  I had really horrible back labor with him.  But the past 3 nights I've had irregular Braxton Hicks (sp?) contractions.  I've also made it to the completely, 100% miserable stage...  at least I'm going to get a sweet baby girl out of all of this pain!

This past Sunday, my sister and friends gave me an awesome baby shower!  The BEST part about it was it was PINK CRAB themed!  You probably didn't know that I'm completely obsessed with crabs...  I love them.  And yes, my love of crabs did play a part in her name.  I love crab fishing and my FAVORITE show is Deadliest Catch.  I'll never forget watching the show one night and seeing the word "Sailor" on the boat and thinking that was a sign to name my baby "Saylor"...Anyway, back to the subject...  Here are some pics from the shower...   


Saylor's "CRAB CAKE"! lol

This was my favorite part of the whole decor.  It was a bulletin board with clippings and photos printed from my blog!!!  It included the story about when I found out I was pregnant, telling Jason, our first ultrasound, feeling her kick for the first time, and much more.  

Seeing this board literally brought me to tears...

They even had a bib painting station at the shower!!!

Here are a few bibs that were painted...

My mom

Time to open gifts!

My friend Tori made this tutu!  (That's Tori sitting next to me)

I LOVED opening baby girl gifts :)

Jason even stopped by at the end of the shower :)

This picture makes me laugh...  I have no idea what we were doing!

When we got home we had even more gifts to open!

This is my "Awww" face...  My cousin Laura made fun of how many times I said it at the shower, lol!

Jason with his momma and his sisters

Nana and Kohen

Kohen loves his cousins!  

Thank you Shelley, Sherri, Tori, Ashley, Amy, Brooke and Angie for such a great shower!!!  I hate that I didn't get a picture of all of us together :(

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I hadn't planned on starting to potty train today, but when Kohen woke up with a dry diaper I quickly told him that he could have an m&m if he would t.t. in the potty. We went to his bathroom and he moved back and forth between sitting on the big potty and his training potty. After about 5 minutes of nothing, I went and got his milk. About 3 minutes after that I told him I was going to get a book for him and I would be right back. He decided he would rather have his iPod touch so he ran and grabbed it. As soon as he got back to the bathroom he peed in the training potty!!!! I was SO excited!!!

Kohen got his m&m(s)!!!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July 2011 plus more

Last year we had a 4th of July party with my family, but this year the Smith's were S.I.C.K.  Jason brought home a nasty bug from work (I guess) and he was in bed sick most of the weekend.  Kohen got sick too.  I thought I was in the clear until Sunday night and then it hit me.  Thank goodness by that time Jason and Kohen were feeling better!  

The ONLY thing we did to celebrate the 4th of July was, at dark, we stepped outside and watched our neighborhood fireworks from hole #9.  Here are a few pictures...

Our neighbor, Adam with Kohen


A few weeks ago, Jason played in the KLife Golf Tournament. 

Adam, Jason, Paul and Scotty

Team Dental Designs!

Jason and Paul

Jason was a sponsor for the tournament...


Jason and Kohen let me sleep in one Saturday morning and they went swimming at our neighbors house.    Ashton, Kohen and Adam

Continuing this random post....

I found a few more Destin pictures that were left out of the Destin post, so here they are...

We went to eat at McGuire's Irish  Pub

Kohen was really excited about this airplane hanging above our table!

Scott, Mom, Dad

Mimi, Kohen and Poppy


I'm hoping to do a post very soon on Saylor's nursery!  We FINALLY started on it!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hell Froze Over

 Yes.  You heard me right.  Hell has frozen over...  Here's why:  About 2 months ago, one of my BFF's asked if she could have her son's birthday party at our house (pool party).  I said sure-  no big deal, right?  WELL... she showed up to decorate with 2 huge boxes of decorations and guess what the theme was.....

TEXAS FREAKING LONGHORNS.  OMG.  I think my heart just about stopped beating.  She said "Please don't hate me, but I couldn't tell you or you wouldn't let us do the party here!".  I was in COMPLETE shock.  (I don't know if you remember, but ALL of my best friends here in Conway are from Texas and are Longhorn fans.  I didn't know this until AFTER we became friends.)  So, I picked my chin up off the floor and said Ok...I guess we're having a Texas Longhorn party at MY house!  

Just looking at this orange and white makes me want to vomit.  Why me???  Even my college roommate (Delta) was a Longhorn fan.  

My poor dining room...

After I learned of the theme, I immediately sent out a text to the rest of my Texas friends and their husbands and said a few "creative" words about EVERYONE keeping the theme a secret from me.  A few of them thought I was really upset about it, so, to show them I was a GOOD sport, I made Longhorn cookies.  Yes.  I love my friends THAT much.  

But don't worry, this one was my favorite...

Upside down Longhorn that says Go Hogs!

I got a huge laugh when two of my friends brought me "peace offering" gifts! lol

Sherri gave me a beach towel and Tori gave me this Hog Wild necklace :)

We had a double birthday party that day.  We set Casen's Longhorn party up inside and had my BFF's (Ashley) Luau birthday party set up outside.   Here is Ashley's party set up... 

I made Ashley Palm Tree cookies!

I saw this card board cut out at Party City and I just HAD to have it! lol

Tiki torches...

 Some of the kiddos taking a break from the pool...

Some of the husbands

Rick at the grill

Michael teaching my poor son how to do/say "Hook 'em Horns". blah.

Time for cake!

My crazy friend Sherri and her son Travis.  I love these two!

Casen opened a RAZORBACK hat!  (I do need to add that ALL of my friends have grown to become Razorback fans too, otherwise, I'd find new friends :)

Some of the girls

Rick and his "Godson", Kohen (yes, Kohen is wearing girl sunglasses)

Casen and Kohen