Friday, February 27, 2009


Yesterday Shelley, Adam, Max and Maddie came to Conway because Adam had a "doctor appointment" :)... so I watched ALL THREE kids (Max, Maddie and Kohen) while they were gone.   
While I was busy helping Max find a game he wanted to play on the Wii, I could hear Maddie playing with Kohen behind me.  It didn't feel like I had my eyes off of Kohen and Maddie for long, but when I turned around, I couldn't believe what I saw!  Maddie had stacked just about every toy Kohen had in his toy box on top of him!!!  It took my breath away at first sight, but I saw he was fine and I busted out laughing, it was hilarious!  I had to take a picture!  
I love you Maddie-Boo!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tummy to Back

Kohen rolled over from tummy to back yesterday!!! I put him in our bed while I got dressed and decided I would put him on his tummy for a few minutes. I noticed he was holding his head up better than ever and it crossed my mind that he may be able to roll over now. I stood on the other side of my bed and called his name...sure enough he rolled over!!! I couldn't believe it! I ran to get my cell to call Jason. Luckily the video camera was right beside my phone. I grabbed it and pressed record. I caught on tape Kohen rolling over his second time ever (and 3rd, but it wouldn't let me post that long of a video). Just in case you couldn't tell from the video, I'm SO proud of my baby!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Matthew, Christie, Kohen and Natalie

Today was Kohen's first time to be away from Jason and I.  Christie and Natalie (my aunt & cousin) called yesterday and offered to babysit Kohen today while Jason and I moved some of our stuff to the new house.  I was all about it...at first....  I was fine last night after I got off the phone with Christie, but this morning was a different story.  I cried, big time, this morning.  I know Kohen was wondering why in the world his mommy kept crying and having to blow her nose.  I just felt so bad and was so nervous to leave him.  I called my mom and told her how I was feeling.  I cried on the phone with her too.  She told me about her experience with the first time she let her sisters babysit Shelley and she cried like a baby when they left.  
When Jason came home for lunch I told him that I was having a really hard time about the whole babysitting thing.  He told me everything would be fine and its not like we were leaving Kohen with strangers!  I felt better after our conversation and thought I would be okay.  Christie called around 5pm and told me she was ready for Kohen and promised she would watch him every minute he was with Natalie.  I told her I had been having issues about leaving him and she told me if I changed my mind that would be okay.  I told her I couldn't change my mind because we HAD to move the big things from our old house.  I loaded Kohen up and headed 2.5 miles to her house...  When I got there I could feel the tears start coming as I was taking the car seat out of the car.  I went in and there the tears came.  I took Kohen out of his car seat and handed him to Christie.  She said "Stephanie, I've had two kids AND I'm a doctor...Kohen is going to be okay!".  That made me laugh and it was the perfect thing to tell me because it finally hit me that YES, he WILL be okay.  I gave a few instructions and kissed him goodbye.  I left my camera there just in case he did something cute while I was gone!  Jason and I moved like crazy people for about two hours and then we went to pick Kohen up.  I thought he was going to be so excited to see me when we got there but he was pretty mellow and like whatever when he saw me.  Christie said he was great and didn't cry once.  She said Natalie had a great time with him and took good care of him too.  I was so excited to see the pictures they took when I got home.  It made me teary to see how sweet Christie and Natalie were to my baby :)  I can tell from the pictures that he had a great time and loves his aunt and cousins :)
Natalie and Kohen (look at his sweet little hand touching her face) :)

Christie and Kohen

Christie and Kohen

Natalie and Kohen

Sunday, February 22, 2009

4 months ago I was in labor

Kohen is 4 months old today!!! We don't go to the doctor for two more weeks though :( I'll update his stats after that appointment.
We're in the middle of moving right now (next door! HA!). Has anyone ever tried to move with a 4 month old??? It's almost impossible...We haven't been able to move anything that requires two people b/c one of us has to always be in the house with Kohen. One of us is always feeding him, holding him, or entertaining him. Even when he naps we can't get a lot done because we can't leave him in the house by himself! I stayed up until about 1a.m. working on things. Jason went to bed early(er) but got up to do the early morning feeding. Kohen and Jason are asleep right now so I thought I would get my blog out of the way for the day and get started on some things around the house while I'm babyless. Hopefully by tonight it will look more like we live in the new house!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

cereal shmereal

Here is what I've heard..."OH Stephanie!  Kohen is going to just LOVE his cereal!".... You all lied to me.  He hates it.  I've tried several times, different consistencies, even some in his bottle...yeah, doesn't work... But we continue to try!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Julianne, Fordyce and Arkadelphia

Kohen got to meet his newest cousin, Julianne Stephens, this past Friday (2-13-09)!  They are about 3 months apart.  

Jason, Kohen, Julianne and Julie

Kohen and Jason

Jason and Kohen with Jason's sister, Julie, and her 3 kiddos:  Julianne, AnnaGrace and Christian.

Jason, Julianne, Kohen and Julie

After we left Julie's house, we drove to Fordyce to spend the night with Jason's parents.  This is Poppa saying hello to Kohen.

Poppa and Kohen

Poppa is SO proud of his "Smith" baby! :)

Poppa, Kohen and Nana.  Kohen had so much fun in Fordyce with his grandparents.  He loves his little Valentine Red Bug!  

After we left Fordyce, we traveled to Arkadelphia to visit my parents.  This was their last weekend in Arkadelphia before they move to Maumelle permanently.  I got to say bye to my house that I've lived in since the 3rd grade.  I didn't get too emotional.  I teared up driving by my church where Jason and I got married and I got a little sad driving out of the driveway for the last time.  I forgot to take pictures, but I'm sure mom and dad will before they leave.  Their house will be listed on Monday.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Brother is ENGAGED

Scott proposed to Kristin Hines, his girlfriend of 2.5 years, yesterday!  It was Kristin's 24th birthday!  

Kristin, Scott, Shelley, Max, Mom & Dad met at our house to celebrate mine and Kristin's birthdays (mine was feb. 10 & hers was feb. 11).  When everyone arrived, Jason asked Kristin to help him wrap my new lap top in the guest room....while they were doing that (which by the way I had already opened my new lap top the day before, thanks Jason :)) Shelley and I were busy changing Max and Kohen into shirts that read "WILL YOU" & "MARRY SCOTT".  Jason and Kristin came out of the guest room with my "gift" and Kristin sat on the couch while Jason grabbed the video camera.  They told me to come in the living room and open my gift.  I walked in with Kohen's tummy facing me so Kristin couldn't read the shirt yet.  I asked Kristin if she would hold Kohen, I turned to give him to her and she read his shirt.  "WILL YOU"....then Max walked up and she read his shirt, "MARRY SCOTT?".  She said "WHAT???" and turned to Scott.  He pulled her up to stand and he got down on one knee and said "Will you marry me?".  She nodded yes, crying, and hugged him.  The past few minutes were filled with Kristin saying "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!"  After all the excitement we loaded up to make our reservations.  Kristin didn't know at the time but her family was waiting at the restaurant to surprise her!

Kristin's ring is a radiant cut 1.4 carat on a cathedral setting.  BEAUTIFUL!

Scott and Kristin

Scott, Kristin, Kohen and Max

Kristin cried again when she read her card that said "Kristin Wood"

Mimi and Kohen

Kristin sees her mom at the restaurant...she screamed!

Kristin's mom


Christie, Kohen and Jason

Shelley, Mom and Dad

Scott and Kris

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Driving Range

Centennial Country Club
Kohen's first time to visit the driving range!

Watching daddy hit balls on the driving range

mommy saved the day!