Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Kohen's first Christmas!!!

Our Christmas festivities started off on December 23rd. Jason, Kohen and I met about 30 of his relatives at El Chico in LR. We ate and played dirty santa. It was fun to see everyone and to show Kohen off.
The next day, on December 24th we met two of Jason's classmates from dental school for lunch. They had a baby 9 days before Kohen was born! So we got to exchange lots of baby stories! After lunch we headed to Bryant to my sisters house. We spent the afternoon cooking and playing with the kids. My parents had been in Colorado on a ski trip and their plane flew in around 4ish. As soon as my parents got to Bryant; Jason, Kohen, Shelley, Adam, Max, Maddie, Mom, Dad and I headed to the Christmas Eve service at Geyer Springs Baptist Church. It meant a lot to me taking Kohen to this church because this was where I was when I felt him kick for the first time. After the service we headed back to Shelley's to have our Christmas dinner. Jason had to make a trip back to Conway to load up all of our gifts and to pick up my gift that was delivered that afternoon to our house. We (adults) stayed up until around 2:30am getting ready for the big day.
On Christmas morning Kohen woke up around 7am. I got up with him. After about an hour and a half I was beginning to wonder when Max and Maddie were ever going to wake up to see what Santa brought them. I went to Shelley's room and woke her up. She woke the kids up. I went and woke Mom and Dad and Jason up so we could all gather in the living room to watch the kids run in. It was lots of fun to carry Kohen to his first "Santa pile" (even though he was sleeping most of the time!).
After all the gifts were opened and after naps, Jason and I headed to his parents house in Fordyce. We arrived around 4pm. Jeanie was busy cooking our yummy dinner and the kids were playing. Once everyone arrived we ate dinner. There was a full house: James, Jeanie, Jay, Angie, Tim, Samantha, Sydney, Wendy, Lauren, Jake, Katelyn, Julie, Michael, Christian, AnnaGrace, Jason, Kohen and I were all there. We opened gifts and stockings. We had so much fun taking pictures and visiting. Jason and I headed home later that night so we could get up early and shop the next morning.
I think Kohen's first Christmas was full of love, happiness and family. What a great year full of blessings. We can't wait for 2009!

Some of Kohen's gifts

Jason, Julie, Wendy, Jay, Jeanie and James

Smith family grandkids

Daddy and Kohen

Mommy showing Kohen his new frog!

Kohen laying in his new play mat

Poppy with Max and Maddie

Mimi passing out gifts from her and dads ski trip

Maddie and Kohen

Max, Kohen and Maddie

Max, Shelley, Adam and Maddie at the Christmas Eve service

Julie, Jennifer, Jason, Jay and Stephanie

Smith Family get-together at El Chico's

Monday, December 22, 2008

Big Smile!

I FINALLY caught a smile on camera! Kohen smiles all the time but as soon as I get the camera he gets a confused look on his face!
Kohen went to the doctor today for his two month check up. He weighs 13 lbs. 4 oz. and is 23 inches. He's a growing boy!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

We had Jason's dental office Christmas party on Thursday night. Kohen went with us! We're not ready just yet for a baby sitter, plus there were many requests that we bring him. The Christmas party was at Doe's in Conway.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last night Nathan, Ashley and Lauren Pyle came over for dinner. I met Ashley this past summer when we were both bridesmaids at Terri Fowler's wedding. It was fun seeing Ashley at Terri's showers because we were both pregnant and had LOTS to talk about. Jason met Ashley's husband, Nathan, at Terri's wedding and they were instant friends as well. The Pyle's also live in Conway! They had their baby girl, Lauren, on September 22, 2008 and Kohen was born October 22, 2008- so they're exactly one month apart. Last night was the first time Kohen and Lauren met! They loved each other! They especally liked watching the Razorbacks on TV while their parents had dinner!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Kohen has been SO good today. He slept all night again! He woke up this morning around 6:30, I fed him, then he went back to sleep. My back was hurting really bad (like it does when I have a kidney infection) so Jason told me I had to go to the doctor before the infection got worse (I usually end up in the hospital for kidney infections unless I catch them early). I wanted to go to the doctor in Arkadelphia because I knew my mom would be the one running the tests on me. Soooo I put my sleeping baby in his car seat and we left Conway at about 7:45am. This was the first time I drove out of town with just me and Kohen, SCARY! He slept the whole way! Once we got to my moms office, Kohen was bright eyed, cooing and smiling at all the people in the office. After I saw the doctor I packed Kohen up and headed north. He feel asleep immediately. We stopped in Bryant and had lunch with my sister. Jason called and said it had started to sleet in Conway and the roads were beginning to get bad. Kohen slept through lunch so I didn't get a chance to feed him before we got back on the road. I started getting nervous because I knew he would wake up any minute and be really hungry. The traffic was horrible and once I merged onto I-40 we traveled anywhere from 20-40mph the whole way to Conway! I took us forever to get home. I was so thankful when I pulled up at my house and my baby was STILL sleeping! He is such a great traveler!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Family Elf Dance

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Just Chillin

AHHHH!!!! What a day! Kohen usually takes a morning nap and an afternoon nap but today he decided he would just stay awake for most of the day. After he had a disaster diaper I thought he would go to sleep pretty easy, I was wrong. I was determined not to let him skip his nap so I tried everything. I rocked, walked, sang, talked, patted, feed, burped...I tried laying him in his bassinet, his crib in the nursery, the couch, my bed...I called my mom and she said to try and put him in the Baby Bjorn so he could be close to me. I did and he FINALLY went to sleep! He napped for about and hour and a half then Jason came home and I passed him off to his daddy. He slept for about another half hour. Hopefully he'll feel better now that he's had some sleep, I know I do!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We think his first real smile was on Thanksgiving. Jason, Kohen and I stopped by the Fowler's house before we went to my parent's for Thanksgiving. Terri was holding him and talking to him. If you know Terri, you know she can be very animated! Kohen cracked the biggest smile when she was talking to him! I couldn't believe it! I don't think she realized that was the first time he had smiled! Ever since then, he has been smiling and laughing. It is so nice to know that he DOES see and hear me! It makes me so happy to see him smile :)

Kohen is 6 1/2 weeks now and continues to sleep well during the night. He usually wakes up anywhere between 6 - 6:30am. I feed him and Jason burps him and changes his diaper. Jason watches him and lets me sleep while he gets ready and leaves for work at 8.
Today Jason watched Kohen ALL morning and I got to sleep until noon!!! I couldn't believe it when I woke up and the clock said 12:32!!! I was able to get up, take a shower AND do my hair and makeup!!! I called my mom and told her that I have the best baby and husband in the world!
Luckily Kohen does not spit up near the amount he used to. We are so thankful. He no longer has to take prevacid. He weighs over 12 lbs now! My mom told me I weighed 12 lbs at my 4 month check up! Kohen's not even 2 months old yet! I think he's going to be a linebacker!