Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend 2011

We had a busy Easter weekend.  We drove down to Fordyce early Saturday morning to spend the day at   Fordyce on the Cotton Belt (festival) with Jason's mom and dad.  We watched the parade, ate at Klappenbach's Bakery, dropped by a reception being held for an old high school coach and walked around the festival.  We forgot the stroller (of course) but Kohen did a GREAT job walking the whole day.  His favorite part were the firetrucks in the parade.  

Video of Kohen watching the firetrucks.... 

We headed home later that day.  When we got home, I asked Jason to watch Kohen while I took a hot bath.  This is what I found when I got out of the bathtub...  Kohen emptied the salt on top of his trains...  I had to laugh :)

The next morning was EASTER!!!
Here is Kohen with his Easter basket...

We headed to Bryant to join my family at church...

Kohen and Pop Pop...

Jason and Adam were twinkies :)

Mimi with Max, Asa and Maddie

I even ran into Cindy while I was there!  Yes, I'm definitely showing, lol!

We went to Shelley's house for a BBQ lunch after church, yummy.

Sweet "baby" Asa...

This is the best family picture we took...  it was very sunny and very humid!

Our attempt at trying to get all the kids together for a picture! HA!

as you can see,  my kid was the problem...

Kohen and Daddy

Daddy trying to get Kohen to stay in the picture...

nope, still didn't work....

Jason, me and our baby girl :)

Hunting Easter eggs... with no pants on.

Video of Kohen with his Easter basket...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

100% GIRL

At the appointment when we found out the sex of the baby, my doctor told us he was 80-90% sure it was a girl.  At my appointment yesterday we were told it was 100% a girl!  I have to say, I don't think I would have been surprised if they told me they had made a mistake before and that it's really a boy!  I am STILL in shock that it's a girl!  

Here's a picture of our girl sucking her thumb...

My family and my friends know that I have been SOOOOO worried because I haven't been able to feel the baby kicking.  I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I felt Kohen start kicking at around 18 weeks.  This doctor appointment that I went to yesterday was at the hospital.  They did a complete check up of the baby.  I learned that the reason I haven't felt the baby is because I have what's called an "anterior placenta".  So my placenta is in between my belly and the baby.  So instead of it being belly then baby then placenta, it's belly-placenta-baby...  

You can see in the ultrasound pictures below, the position of my placenta...  (on the right side I highlighted it in pink so you could see it better).  I compared this ultrasound picture with Kohen's ultrasound pics and my placenta was underneath him.

So no wonder why I can't feel her!!!!  I will be able to feel her a little later in my pregnancy.  I had been so worried about not feeling her kick that I thought she may not have legs and that might be the reason!  Horrible...I know.  I cried like a baby laying on that ultrasound table when I saw my baby was indeed alive, kicking and I could HEAR the heartbeat.  

I also learned at my appointment that my baby girl is breech.  
This isn't really a big deal to me since I'm having a c-section anyway :)

Look at this sweet face!  She has her MOMMY'S nose :)

She's got her Daddy's long legs!

10 toes :)

She's perfect.

On another note....  
I've been shopping.... A LOT.

Going to Dallas and Kansas City two weekends in a row right after finding out we're having a girl called for TONS of shopping and lots of PINK!

Jason's mom bought our sweet girl this outfit, blanket, bunny and hair bow :)

I bought these teeny tiny bows.  I thought they were so cute!

more outfits....

My friend Deanna gave our baby girl this sweet little hat and bow (and a ton of other bows) while we were visiting in KC.

I saw this pink dress and HAD to have it!  I didn't even look at the price tag... that's how bad I wanted it!

Sweet little socks and bib from Christie and Natalie :)  LOVE IT!

I think I bought 42 outfits/onesies in two weeks....  I know, I've lost it.

Kohen checking out all the pink...

I only bought 3 things with crabs on it...  hehe...  love me some crabs :)

Kohen's pink shirt he's going to wear to the hospital!

My friend Sasha gave me these two onsie's while I was in KC!