Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Time Out + Sonic + Crazy Kid

I've really been struggling as far as not knowing what to do, or how to punish Kohen when he does something unacceptable. A lot of the time when we get on to him or say NO he will laugh sooo hard and think it's hilarious. It's very frustrating. I've reached my breaking point a couple of times and took Kohen to his room and put him in his crib "explaining" to him that he did something wrong. BUT, I don't want him to think of his crib as a "bad" place. I want his crib to be a safe, comfortable place. So basically his discipline has just been us saying a firm "NO" and telling him why we said no. I don't really know if he gets it or not... A few posts ago on Kelly's Korner Blog, she talked about putting her daughter, Harper, in a Time Out spot in their guest bedroom....and it worked! Harper is 3 months younger than Kohen so I thought maybe we could start trying that!
So, if I'm going to do the "Time Out" thing...I'm gonna do it right :)....

Here's Kohen's very own Time Out Spot!

This is the first time Kohen saw his mat... he kept walking across it...

Hopefully he won't be spending too much time here! (I put it in the hallway between the two guest bedrooms)


I go to Sonic everyday. I can't remember the last time I skipped a day. I get a route 44 diet coke for $2.19... On this particular day I thought I would get Kohen a drink! He got a strawberry-banana-yogurt smoothie (yack). I waited until we got home to give it to him, just in case their was a big mess :)
(blurry pictures thanks to my iphone and a very eager toddler)

This picture makes me laugh! He's got the "I'm not so sure about this" look!


And this photo is for my mom...yes, mom, my childhood is coming back to haunt me. If only Kohen could have taken after his sweet, follow all the rules, never get in trouble daddy instead of his wild child, fearless mom...

And just in case you didn't know I was a psycho mom... this is what Kohen's crib looks like now after the "incident"! I DO have to thank Sasha for putting this pillows around the crib idea in my head! lol

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


There's no mistaking it!
Kohen pooped in his potty!

Here's the story:
I finally made it to one of my favorite parts of the day... the part where I hand Kohen over to his daddy and I get to take a nice hot bath and read. I had just settled in, the water was perfect and I was just starting a new chapter in my book. Suddenly I hear running, then the bathroom door swings open. It's Jason. He's yelling at me to HURRY and COME LOOK! I said "Jason! I can't!". He said "It doesn't matter! You HAVE to!". So I hurriedly jumped out of the tub, knocking my book in the water. I was trying to get my book out and wrap up in a towel while I was dripping water everywhere. I ran to Kohen's bathroom just in time to see a pile of poop in his little potty! I couldn't believe it! We praised him and made a big deal about it. Jason looked at the poop in his potty and said "now what?". Hummm. That sucks. You have to clean the poop out of the dang potty! Now I'm wondering if we should have gotten one of those potty's that sits on the big potty....anyway....Kohen watched as Jason dumped the poop in the big potty and flushed. He thought that was pretty cool. I don't know how the potty got cleaned...I went back to my hot bath :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

2 MAJOR things happened

Major thing #1:
Yesterday morning I heard a loud "thud" over the monitor. Loud crying immediately followed. I jumped out of bed and ran to Kohen's room. I thought to myself, either he threw a big toy out of his crib or HE was out of his crib. When I got to his room I looked in the crib and he was not there, but he was also not on the floor in front of the crib...
Finally I saw a teary, red faced little boy BESIDE the crib! He had somehow fallen off the side in between the crib and his closet. I ran and scooped him up and told him I was so sorry :( I think it scared him more than it hurt him. Although, he was rubbing his head after it happened. I can only imagine how his little body hit the ground. :(

So here's where it all went down....
He fell to the right side of the crib by that blue toy thing and the closet door. He may have even fallen on the blue toy thing, I don't know.

I think this is HOW it happened...
Do you see the bumper in the corner of the crib?... I think he stood on this and kicked his leg over...
The bumper has been permanently removed from the crib.
It made me SUPER sad to remove this bumper. I cried. I remember the first day I laid Kohen in his crib. I'm going to miss this bumper embroidered with his initials.
bye, bye bumper :(


A few random pics...

Like father like son....

Thank you Cindy for the STL Cardinal shirt! It was so nice of you to think of Kohen while you were in St. Louis :) Go Cards!

Major thing #2:

Kohen went pee pee in the potty!!! (we think...)
Kohen was taking a bath and he squatted like he was going to potty. So, I quickly picked him up and put him on the potty. Usually he will not sit on the potty long, but this time he sat for a good 5 minutes. He kept looking down at his little penis (yes, I just said penis), and then he would look at us. I peeked between his legs and saw pee! Jason and I acted like fools. We were celebrating BIG time! Kohen was so happy and kept saying YAY and clapping.

BUT, when I went to dump the pee, it was clear-ish....I showed Jason and he said "Well smell it!" So I did. It kinda smelled like pee...I think...????? Was it just the bath water that had dripped off of him when I picked him up to sit on the potty? Or was it really pee? So, we don't know. We don't know if we "count" this as Kohen peeing in the potty for the first time or not.
If nothing else, he DID sit on the potty for a long period of time and he DID get to see how happy we were when he "peed"...


More random pics...

It's HOTTTTT outside!!!!!
Kohen always reaches our hand to the door handle and says "side" when he wants to go outside.

Waiting on the door to open :)

Up, up and away! This was before bed.... (sorry, the camera setting was WAY off)

He didn't want to go to bed without his blue blanket!

Kohen puts it up to his face and says "Awwwwwe". It's so sweet :)

In the air again! This time with his blanket...

Kohen always lays down and rolls his cars back and forth. He watches the wheels VERY closely!
I love this sweet boy.

First Born & Middle Child

Just in case you're wondering...Our first born, Dentin, and our middle child, Peyton, are doing just fine :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Jason and I flew to Seattle for Ryan and Beth's wedding! It's the furthest we've ever been away from Kohen and for the longest time :(. We left for the airport EARLY Thursday morning and I was crying before we turned out of our neighborhood. Thanks to Lauren, Jason's parents and my parents for taking care of our sweet baby while we were gone!

This is Jason driving our Hummer rental car!

Oh these boys!!! I don't EVEN know where to begin! These boys have a bond like no other. They love each other like brothers and would do absolutely ANYTHING for each other.
Jason, Ryan, JZ, Jo Jo, Robbie and Nate



Beth and her dad

the HUGE wedding party!

Beth and Ryan

Jo Jo, JZ, Jason and Robbie

Lindsey, Me, Gina and Kristi

Beth and Ryan outside of the restaurant where the rehearsal dinner was held...

Jason and JZ

JZ, Jason and Robbie

Gina, Me, Kristi, Miranda and Beth

This was the view from the restaurant where we ate lunch the day of the wedding...

Ready for the wedding! Doesn't my hubby look so handsome :)

No telling what conversation was going on between these crazy guys....

I love these next few pictures. The wedding photos were taken before the wedding, so this is the moment Ryan first saw Beth in her dress...

Ryan is standing at the bottom of the hill and Beth is walking down to him...

It was such great weather while we were in Seattle. I think it was around 68-70 degrees.

We had fun in our Hummer!

Ryan and Jason

the Wedding



Here comes the bride!!!

Jason, Blake and Jo Jo

Congrats Ryan and Beth!!!