Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pretty Gross Post

I just thought I should log Kohen's first "real" throw-up.... The sad thing is, it was his Daddy's fault (just being honest, LOL!). It all started when Jason decided to give Kohen a million strawberries plus chocolate milk, followed by playing very hard. I was busy in the guest room unpacking boxes and I could hear Jason and Kohen in K's room. Kohen was laughing SO hard, over and over. They were rolling on the floor playing. About 10 minutes later I came in to put Kohen to bed. I did my little bedtime ritual where I turn off the lights, turn on the sound machine/projector, give Kohen his little blue blanket, sing You are My Sunshine and Amazing Grace, then I gently lay him in his crib. As I was laying him in his crib the thought crossed my mind- "yay, I get to go watch the Bachelor!".... Not so fast. Before I could even get my arms out of the crib, Kohen stood up and projectile vomited EVERYWHERE. Over and Over he vomited. Whole (actually, cut) strawberries were coming out of his nose. Chocolate milk was spewing out of his mouth. He was crying, choking, vomiting again and again. I was screaming Jason's name. Everything was covered in vomit-my arms, Kohen's face and p.j.'s, the sheets and mattress pad, his monogramed crib bumper, his little blue blanket plus other blankets hanging on the side of the crib, the crib head board and rails, the carpet...all covered in vomit...oh it even got on the wall as I was carrying him to the bathroom....
Jason got Kohen, the crib, and the carpet clean while I worked on the crib bumper, sheets, and mattress pad...
Kohen was as good as new. He continued to just play and watch tv while we were in cleaning mode. He feels great this morning so I know it wasn't a virus....just too many stawberries and chocolate milk :) Oh, and I did eventually get to watch the Bachelor!

(by the way, that's pedialyte in his sippy cup, not chocolate milk...)

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Delta Bost said...

Poor little guy! I guess Jason learned his lesson!