Tuesday, February 8, 2011

10 weeks & sick as a dog

I went to the doctor last Wednesday.  I was sitting in the waiting room just crying.  They called me back and I sat there getting my blood pressure taken, just crying.  The poor nurse gave me a hug.  I told her "I just feel so sick".  I was happy Jason was with me.  Dr. Cole did an ultrasound and I immediately saw the heartbeat.  Jason grabbed my hand and squeezed it.  He knew I had been nervous about seeing/not seeing the heartbeat.

I'm 10 weeks pregnant in this picture.  Tomorrow I will be 11 weeks.  My due date is September 5, 2011.  Dr. Cole said he would take the baby via c-section about 7-10 days early.  So looks like Baby Smith will be born in August (maybe even on my mom's bday!).

Here's Kohen looking at the ultrasound picture...

He's giving it kisses :)

Saying I've been sick the last week is an understatement.  I've had fever every single day for over a week.  I've also had lots of other issues that I will save you the mental pictures and not discuss.  Jason left for Scottsdale, AZ for a "golf" trip last Thursday.  When he told me bye, I had 101.4 degree temp.  He would be gone for 4 days.  Let me just say, this was the worst weekend of my life.  I was sick the entire time.  Mom and Dad came up (in the snow) on Friday to take care of me and Kohen.  Jason ended up flying home a day early because I was so sick.  I thought yesterday that I was getting better, but I still feel horrible today :(

While Jason was gone.  I needed something to entertain Kohen so I could basically lay on my deathbed (the couch) and watch him play.  So I bought him a few things....

Here's his new favorite toy...  A Geo Trax train set.

Some old school blocks

and a tricycle...  My mom told me I was out of control and he was going to grow up to be a spoiled brat. I didn't care at this point.  Anything to keep him busy while I ran back and forth to the bathroom (if you know what I mean).

It snowed while Jason was gone....

This is way off the blog subject, but as I was loading pictures, I came across these.  These pictures are so funny to me (sorry Jason) because poor Jason is on the far left doing yard work, while having to watch men play golf (far right).  I'm SURE he would have rather been playing golf!

**I wrote this post yesterday.  Last night I ended up having to go to the ER for continuous throwing up and I had the worst headache I've ever had in my life.  The doctor wanted to do a spinal tap and a CT scan but I was worried about the baby being exposed to radiation.  We decided to wait to see if the 2 bags of IV fluids and the morphine would help.  Around 3 a.m. we decided to wait on the spinal & CT scan.  I was feeling more hydrated and my headache was down to a pain level "4".  We left the hospital and went to Sherri's house to get Kohen.  I didn't go to sleep until around 6:30a.m.  Jason called his office manager and had her move some patients around so he could stay home with me this morning.  He's at work now and I'm not feeling "horrible" but I'm still not great.  The ER doctor told me to come back if I started having neck pain or my headache came back.  I think he's worried about Viral Meningitis.  Jason and I both think that I'm just extremely dehydrated.  I know it sounds simple to "just drink a lot of water" but when I have liquid coming out of both ends constantly and zero appetite... it's HARD to stay hydrated!  Today I'm drinking a little water at a time to try and keep it from coming back up.  I'm SOOOO ready to start feeling better! :(


Brandi said...

You poor thing!! Praying for you and your little bundle of joy!!!!

The Cowart Family said...

I'm so sorry you're so sick. I pray you get better soon!

The Pitts Family said...

So sorry you are so sick Stephanie! Buy that cutie whatever toys keep him entertained and worry about the spoiling later:)!

LeeAnn said...

I stumbled upon your blog today and I wanted to let you know you are not alone! I am almost 7 weeks pregnant and I feel miserable. I have two other kids and I can't seem to make them their food. Ugh. I dread every day!!! I hope we start feeling better soon!