Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vaccines & 3 month stats

My poor, poor baby girl got some of her vaccines yesterday for her "2" month wellness check up (yes, I'm a month behind...).  I was a month behind on all of Kohen's vaccines too, so I'm not too worried about it.  I am PRO vaccinations.  Jason always asks a million questions about them and "what if's" and what about modifications... But in the end, we both decided to go ahead with all of them at once (or at least the ones they give at two months).

Saylor was perfect at the doctor... of course...  

Her 3 month stats:

Weight:  12 lbs, 25%
Head:  16", 55%
Length:  24", 60%

Waiting for her shots :(  She's getting nervous!

Some love from her big brother helps :)

Her shots :(  We told Kohen that Saylor was getting shots... He said "No, I want shots..."

Oral vaccine first...

Poor baby :(.  Kohen changed his mind about wanting shots too after he saw this!

Taking care of my sweet girl

Little band- aids 

Kohen got the Flu mist after this and he was TERRIFIED that it was going to hurt!  I wish we would have done his first!  

On another note, the doctor was very concerned about Saylor's kidneys.  Not because he thinks something is wrong... but because of my history of kidney problems.  (I had surgery when I was 2 because of reflux, hospitalized many times throughout my 20's, then had surgery again when I was 27...  Hopefully I'm done with surgeries concerning my kidneys, only time will tell!).
One contributing factor to my kidney problems is that I have double ureters... 
Saylor is scheduled to have an ultrasound of her kidneys tomorrow morning.  Double ureters are rare but with it being more likely in girls, the doctor is trying to be proactive.  I will be so relieved to see only ONE set of ureters on the ultrasound... NOT TWO sets!

(Funny story...  when Jason was in dental school they were viewing a cadaver... the professor asked if anyone knew what was unique about the cadaver... no one raised their hand except Jason...  He answered "the cadaver has double ureters!".  The professor was impressed! lol...  Now, I'm not real sure what all that had to do with "dental" students, but at least he knew the answer- thanks to ME! LOL)


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