Tuesday, October 12, 2010

San Antonio 2010

  Our last trip of the summer was to San Antonio.  Jason had to go for a business trip and Kohen and I tagged along.  This was Kohen's 3rd time on an airplane this year.  I have to say it was the best "airplane experience" out of the 3.  I'm not saying it was a good experience....just better than the other two.  He was better in the airport...probably because we didn't have the monkey strapped to his back, lol!  Those things work for some kids but not for mine.  He's kind of like a dog that doesn't know he's on a leash and runs full speed ahead and gets jerked to the ground when the slack runs out....  Kohen has never understood his boundaries with that thing.  ANYWAY...  the key to a "decent" plane ride is to buy him his own seat.

The picture below is at the airport...

Our hotel (in the background on the far left) was right beside the Alamo!  
I haven't been to San Antonio since I went with my church youth group in Jr. High.  So, going back to the Alamo brought back some good memories :)

This is the view from our hotel room.  We could see right into the Alamo grounds and during the day we could see the little shows they put on inside the gates.  This is also where all the horse and carriages lined up.  Kohen LOVED looking out the window at the horses.  We rode in a carriage but forgot to take pictures :(

Doing a little sight seeing...

The River Walk.

The architecture was beautiful...but it was hard to appreciate it because we were having to carry Kohen in his stroller up and down it!  (Remember the NYC subway Mom???)

Looking at these next few pictures makes me want to shoot myself....
oops...did I just say that out loud???....

I know what you're thinking... "Oh, how fun, they did the boat ride down the River Walk!".
Two words... NOT FUN.

Our first mistake, I guess, was being the first to board the boat.  We had to wait until the boat was full before we got to actually go somewhere.  This took about 15 minutes.  By the end of the 15 minutes Kohen had had enough.  Looking back...THIS is when we should have gotten off the boat.

These next two pictures are of us in the boat.  

Can you tell it's not going well?  No?  Well, these pictures were taken during the 15 minutes we weren't moving.  I kept thinking "as soon as the boat starts moving, Kohen will be so excited and love it".

The damn boat ride from hell lasted 35 minutes.  
(It reminds me of the horrible boat ride from the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory).  Kohen SCREAMED NON STOP THE ENTIRE 35 MINUTES.  He threw the biggest, loudest, most destructive fit he has even thrown.  Everyone on that boat HATED us.  We RUINED the experience for EVERYONE.  We couldn't even make eye contact with anyone after it was over.  I can't tell you one thing I learned from the guide because I couldn't hear him from my screaming child.  I'm sure everyone would have failed a Q and A after that ride.  Not only were people on our boat disturbed, but people walking down the River Walk were staring at us!  I had a death grip on Kohen so he couldn't rare his body back and forth.  I was so sweaty when we finally got off and Jason had a busted lip from our wild child.  We ended up canceling our reservations to dinner that night.  We weren't about to go through that again at a restaurant!

Jason had lots of business meetings while we were in San Antonio (for 4 days).  So Kohen and I were on our own most of the time.  Below is a picture of Kohen at the Children's Museum.     

And here is my little dinner date....

We had a few hours before our plane left (and Jason was in a meeting) so we headed across the street to the Alamo.  There are signs posted saying things like, "No hats, No noise"...  Well, as soon as we got to the center of the Alamo, Kohen started one of his fits.  I quickly got out of there asap.  

These last pictures were taken on the Alamo grounds. 

I think I should also note that we forgot a stroller.  This is the story of our life.  It seems like every trip we've taken we've forgotten the stroller and had to buy a new one.  This was our SIXTH stroller to purchase.  I'm known for my wide variety of strollers with my friends at home and they about died when they heard we had to buy another one!  

I'm glad to be home.  I'm exhausted.  

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