Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bath, Toddler Bed and Christmas Tour

Every night I get to take a nice hot bath and read a book.  It's my time to relax and get away...  Well, last night I had a little visitor follow me into the bathroom and I didn't have the heart to tell him to go back into the living room.  So, I had a luke warm bath with Lightning McQueen and my favorite little 2 year old :)  Oh, and, you are VERY welcome for me cropping myself out of this picture! LOL!

Last night we converted Kohen's baby crib into a toddler bed!  The main reason we decided to do this is because he has climbed out of his crib several times and hurt himself.  He missed his nap and was EXTRA tired, so I thought that would also help with him going to sleep in his new bed and not wanting to get out and play.

Here's the last look at his baby crib :(
I haven't let myself get sad about it (yet)...  Every time I think about being sad, I try and push it out of my mind.  That's what I have to do every time I put away clothes he's outgrown.  I just. can't. think. about. it.

Daddy and Kohen working on the big boy bed

Of course Kohen immediately found another use for the packaging....  a train track!

Such a good Daddy :)

Helping Daddy...hammer???...

And TA-DA!  Here is Kohen's new Toddler Bed!!!  He loves it!!!

Every time I would say "Kohen, let's take a picture, say CHEESE!"  He would get down and stand in front of his Christmas tree! HA!  I guess he got use to me saying that the night we were trying to take Christmas card pictures in front of the tree!

Back in his bed....

And now for his new sheets and blanket- TOY STORY!!!  He kept saying "Buzz!  Woody!".

Kohen slept through the night.  The next morning I just knew I would wake up to him playing with the toys in his room.  I checked the monitor the next morning and he was standing up in his bed yelling "MOMMA!".  Just like he did in his crib.  I watched him on the video monitor for a long time and he would not step foot out of his bed!  I finally went in there and he reached for me to pick him up.  When it was nap time later that day, he went right down and fell asleep.  No getting out to play!  We'll see how long this lasts!  My favorite thing about this bed (and I seriously think this is why I'm not just crying my eyes out about him moving to a big boy bed) is now I can kiss him good night while he's laying down in his bed!  Before, I was too short to reach over his crib and kiss him :)  I think I went in and checked on him (and kissed him) about 3 times before I went to bed last night :)

If you follow the blog "Kelly's Korner" then you already know about her Christmas Tour of Homes.  I decided to join in and post some of our Christmas decor...

Our Mantle 

I painted the plate in the middle and the one on the right.  I miss my sister owning her own Paint Your Own Pottery store :(

Our Elf on a Shelf.  His name is Charlie (named after Jason's childhood Elf he had).  We'll say to Kohen "Where's Charlie?".  Kohen looooooks around the room until he spots him and yells "There he is!!!!".

This is an ornament I painted 

Our Christmas tree.  My friends think it's crazy that I don't like any two ornaments to be the same :)  

I love these lighted presents sitting on our entry table.  I stole the idea from Jason's mom and had to get me some too!

Jason's little dentist/golf/razorback tree in his home office...

Kitchen decor...

The little snowman painted on the plate is Kohen's (upside down) footprint form the year he was born :)

Horrible picture, but it's hard taking pictures of Christmas lights!  This is some of our lights in our backyard...

Front door...

Our house...

Merry Christmas!

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Cindy said...

Stephanie, I love seeing all of your Christmas decorations that you made. I still have some egg christmas balls on my tree that you painted. Do you remember making those? I think of you everytime I hang them :) That's what I love about homemade ornaments...there is always a memory that goes along with them.