Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ned Perme said it was coming but I didn't believe him...  We went to the Alveraz house the night it was supposed to snow.  This is my family + Sherri eating chicken tortilla soup and waiting on the snow.

Ned was right!  It definitely snowed!  We borrowed some of Sherri and Paul's warm clothes and all piled in their 6 seater ATV and drove over to the Leal's house to play in the snow...

Can you see Kohen?  He LOVED the snow.  He liked to scoot his feet in the snow and say "CHOO CHOO!".

The next morning, we all met up on the golf course.  Hole #10 green has the perfect hill to sled!

Here's Buzz...I mean Kohen :)

Kohen and Madison

Everyone just insisted that I sled and they promised I wouldn't get hurt or hurt the baby in my tummy :)  So this is Kohen and I getting ready to go down the big hill...

Here are my besties.  I am so blessed to have such good friends that all live within the same neighborhood and are all stay at home mommies :)

Sherri and Kohen sled down the big hill probably 10 times!  They even ran into the fence once!

Kohen and Paul.  When Kohen says his prayers at night, Paul is number 4 on the list...right after Dada, Momma and Kitties...

And this picture sums up the most important thing to my friends and I.  Our kids!
(Ashton, Travy, Landon, Tre', Donovan, Chloe, Madison and Kohen.  Not sure where Casen was!)

Sherri and Kohen sledding down the hill again!

Sherri helping Kohen up the hill

Tori, me

The husbands/ dads... minus Jason

Snowball fight!

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