Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just get it off...

I haven't taken my wedding ring(s) off since I was pregnant with Kohen.  I waited WAY too late this pregnancy to take them off.  It finally got to the point where they were hurting me.  When I decided to try and take them off, they wouldn't budge.  I tried lotion, baby oil, windex, dental floss, soaking my hand in cold water, twisting, pulling...EVERYTHING.  Nothing worked.  Nothing even worked a little bit.  I started to panic.  This went on for 3 days.  By the third day of not being able to get it off, I started to really panic and I was getting very claustrophobic.   I went to Jason's office during his lunch hour and said "just get it off".  I don't care how.  Just get them OFF!  We ended up going to a local jewelry store (Fletcher Smith's Jewelers) and I got them CUT OFF.  




My poor rings!

I have to say that I DO NOT regret having them cut off.  I'm positive that was the ONLY solution.  I am sad that it messed up the engraving on the inside of the band though.  I'm sure I will always be able to see where my ring was cut.  Not sure how well platinum goes back together!?  BUT, I do know that it will add character to my ring and I'll always be able to show my little girl where her momma had to cut off my wedding rings when I was pregnant with her :)

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Kristin Brannan Wilson said...

Same thing happened with my 2nd pregnancy...i ended up having to have them cut off at the jewelry store and it was through the engraving..they were able to fix them nicely..but you can tell! Oh well, I think I adds a bit of character to the rings. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!