Monday, May 2, 2011

We have a name!

I can not tell you how many times I have cried, prayed, asked opinions, asked for signs and pleaded for someone, anyone, to help me decide on a name for our baby girl.

Kohen's name was either going to be Kohen or Hudson.  We chose "Kohen" pretty quickly and that was that.  Jason chose the middle name "Pryor" and I agreed immediately.  This has not been the case with our girl.  We, ( I ), liked the name Laiken and the name Saylor.  Yes.... they are BOTH girl names.  I even called mom one day and told her my baby's name was Laiken!  But when I told Jason, he did NOT like it.  By the time Jason came around to the name Laiken, I had already fallen in love with another name... Saylor.  The only problem was we could not think of a middle name that went with it.  This went on for weeks.  I'm usually pretty good at making decisions.  Quick decisions.  But not this time.  I even told Jason on Easter morning that somehow God was going to tell us our baby girls name that day.  Sure enough, at church, I was taking Kohen to the nursery and a man yelled "Laiken" right in front of me (he was trying to get his wife's attention).  I even told him to repeat the name he just said to make sure I heard him right!  You would think that would be a clear enough sign, wouldn't you?!?  But it was clear to me that I was having to make myself like the name Laiken.  I woke up this morning and told Jason, "I think her name is Saylor".  Jason said "I think her name is Laiken".  I questioned him why he didn't like Saylor anymore and he said "We can't find a middle name.".  This was true.  We had gone through so many baby names trying to find a name that fit with Saylor and we just never had any luck.
Today I called my mom and once again talked to her about how I was stressing so much over finding a name.  After I got off the phone, I came in the kitchen and sat down with paper and a pen.  I wrote the name Saylor.  I wrote it in cursive and I wrote it in print.  I loved both.  I wrote the name Laiken.  Ugh.  I looked up other spellings....  I tried writing Layken, Laken, Laykin and Lakyn.  I tried to like it.  I kept looking at "Saylor" written at the top of the page.  I pushed my paper to the side and got my lap top.  I typed in Google "middle names for the name Saylor".  I got a huge list of names that could be paired with the name Saylor.  As I read down the list, I began feeling helpless.  UNTIL I came across the name Saylor Hadley.  I loved it.  I said out loud "That's it".  I called my mom immediately and told her I knew my baby girls name!  But I wouldn't tell her on the phone.  I told her I would text it to her and for her to call me after she read it.  When we talked she said she loved it.  I told her to wish me luck, that I was about to tell Jason the name to see if he liked it....  We hung up and I wrote the name on a sheet of paper and took it to Jason.  I told him not to read it until I left the room.  When he came downstairs we talked about it and agreed that it was going to be the name!  SO, we are proud to announce that we are naming our baby "Saylor Hadley Smith".  I am completely in love with this name.  We called our parents and our friends and shared the news (and then of course I posted it on Facebook, so that sealed the deal, lol).

Speaking of names....  when we talked to our parents tonight about our baby's name, we asked what names they chose between when naming us.  My mom said that my name was going to be Stephanie Michelle or Stephanie Jean for a girl and Brian if I were a boy.  Jason's name might have been Jonathan Lee or if he were a girl they had lots of options:  Jena Jill, Jill Lavern, Crystal Jill, Jessica Jill or Cecelia Jill.

I'm so glad we have a name.  I love my little Saylor Hadley Smith :)


Sasha said...

Love it! I can't wait to teach Saylor how to sail!!

Brandi said...

i love the name Saylor. If I ever had another girl, I was going to name her Saylor Vivian. My granddad was a sailor in WWII and my gradmom's name is Vivian. Since I'm not having anymore kids, my daughter named her babydoll Saylor Vivian and we call her Vivi!!! HEHE!! You picked a great name!!!!

Anonymous said...

My daughters name is Saylor Avery. She just turned 2.