Monday, July 4, 2011

Hell Froze Over

 Yes.  You heard me right.  Hell has frozen over...  Here's why:  About 2 months ago, one of my BFF's asked if she could have her son's birthday party at our house (pool party).  I said sure-  no big deal, right?  WELL... she showed up to decorate with 2 huge boxes of decorations and guess what the theme was.....

TEXAS FREAKING LONGHORNS.  OMG.  I think my heart just about stopped beating.  She said "Please don't hate me, but I couldn't tell you or you wouldn't let us do the party here!".  I was in COMPLETE shock.  (I don't know if you remember, but ALL of my best friends here in Conway are from Texas and are Longhorn fans.  I didn't know this until AFTER we became friends.)  So, I picked my chin up off the floor and said Ok...I guess we're having a Texas Longhorn party at MY house!  

Just looking at this orange and white makes me want to vomit.  Why me???  Even my college roommate (Delta) was a Longhorn fan.  

My poor dining room...

After I learned of the theme, I immediately sent out a text to the rest of my Texas friends and their husbands and said a few "creative" words about EVERYONE keeping the theme a secret from me.  A few of them thought I was really upset about it, so, to show them I was a GOOD sport, I made Longhorn cookies.  Yes.  I love my friends THAT much.  

But don't worry, this one was my favorite...

Upside down Longhorn that says Go Hogs!

I got a huge laugh when two of my friends brought me "peace offering" gifts! lol

Sherri gave me a beach towel and Tori gave me this Hog Wild necklace :)

We had a double birthday party that day.  We set Casen's Longhorn party up inside and had my BFF's (Ashley) Luau birthday party set up outside.   Here is Ashley's party set up... 

I made Ashley Palm Tree cookies!

I saw this card board cut out at Party City and I just HAD to have it! lol

Tiki torches...

 Some of the kiddos taking a break from the pool...

Some of the husbands

Rick at the grill

Michael teaching my poor son how to do/say "Hook 'em Horns". blah.

Time for cake!

My crazy friend Sherri and her son Travis.  I love these two!

Casen opened a RAZORBACK hat!  (I do need to add that ALL of my friends have grown to become Razorback fans too, otherwise, I'd find new friends :)

Some of the girls

Rick and his "Godson", Kohen (yes, Kohen is wearing girl sunglasses)

Casen and Kohen


Delta Bost said...

Hook em Horns!!! I love it!

Brandi said...

I live in Austin, Tx and HATE the Longhorns!!!!!!!!! Everyone here loves them....ugh!!!!!!! You are one good friend!!!

The Cowart Family said...

Your excused this one time; but don't let it happen again;lol!! Pig Sooie to you Delta!!!!