Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"He took MY baby WHERE?"

(Sorry Poppa, but I HAVE to document this story!!!)

Oh Poppa.  Poppa, Poppa, Poppa...
Poppa knew he was in trouble with his daughter-in-law after this one!...
Here's what happened:
Jason's parents watched Kohen for a couple of days when I was recovering from my broken nose.  Jason was talking to his dad and Kohen on FaceTime one night when Kohen was staying with them.  I had just gotten out of the shower and walked in the kitchen and heard Kohen tell his Daddy that he went in the airplane, high up in the sky.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  Keep in mind, I was out of view from FaceTime.  So, Jason was looking at me and reacting to my reaction all while his dad watched!  I think Poppa knew right then that he was in trouble!  They quickly got off the phone and Jason knew that he was about to face the wrath of his wife.

I started off, calmly saying "it is not ok to take my baby in an airplane".  Jason became very defensive.  He didn't really understand why I was upset.  He grew up with his dad (and his brother) flying.  He told me several of the grandkids have been flying with dad and that his dad is a wonderful pilot.  I told him that there was no doubt in my mind that his dad was a great pilot and that if I ever HAD to fly in a very small aircraft then his dad would be the first person I would contact!        

As my argument and statistics unfolded, Jason understood why I was freaking out.  I'm not saying he agreed with me, I'm just saying he understood.
Did you know... there have been about 52 single-engine plane crashes in ARKANSAS within the last 10 years... just sayin'.
I worry.  I worry about EVERYTHING.  Seriously.  I have to take medicine because of how much I worry.  I worry about the weather, driving on the interstate, trees falling on my house,  my house catching on fire, doors being locked, etc.   One thing I really worry about is flying.  When I fly, I have a certain "ritual" I have to do.  I HAVE to touch the right side of the doorway with my right hand before I step onto the plane.  I have to count at least 3 of the yellow/black signs beside the runway, and I have to watch the white lines on the runway as we take off.  I have to.  I do it every time.  Soooo, I'm pretty scared of flying... maybe that's why I reacted the way I did.
Now that you think I'm crazy, let me continue...

Now.  I do have to say that it was not Poppa's intention to take Kohen flying that day.  He said that they went to the Fordyce airport to check on his plane and the airport.  He showed Kohen his plane and decided to taxi around the runway with him.  It was a beautiful day, no wind, no cloud in the sky.  As he made the turn, he took it up to speed and lifted off.  A total spontaneous decision.
He made a few circles around the airport then made a safe (and I'm sure perfect) landing.  

BUT.  That is STILL my BABY in that airplane..."high up in the sky".

This picture takes my breath away.  Makes me SO nervous.  I'm pretty positive Kohen didn't do the "flying ritual" before they took off.

Kohen is still talking about his adventure.  Every time he sees a plane it reminds him of this day with his Poppa.  

Now that it's all over (and Poppa apologized to me, lol), a part of me is happy that Kohen got to experience this with his Poppa.  What kid wouldn't want to go fly in their grandpa's airplane?!  Thank you Nana for taking these priceless pictures.

Poppa, I know you never in a million years would want to upset me.  I appreciate everything you and Nana do for us and our kids.  Yall were such a HUGE help when you watched Kohen while I was hurt. He had the time of his life and loves yall so much.  Sorry you have a crazy, over protective daughter-in-law... but know that I love you both very much and of course I forgive you ;)
(just don't ever do it again. HA!)

(FYI:  Jason and my first date was flying from Arkadelphia to Hot Springs and going to dinner.  I told my mom AFTER we landed what I had just done.  She about died.
I would like to publicly apologize to MY mom....because now I know how it feels!!!!)

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The Cowart Family said...

I can't stop laughing.... but only because it's not my baby that was in that plane!!! I would have done more than gotten upset...so they are lucky to have you, super nice, daughter in law!!!!
Funny how when we have kids we start saying I'm sorry to our parents;lol!!!