Thursday, February 23, 2012

Saylor is 6 months old!

My blue eyed girl is 6 months old (in two days)!  I can NOT believe how time flies with your second baby.  It seems like she is growing up so fast.  It's exciting, but also sad because she's our last baby (right, Jason?!).  Jason would love to have more but this momma is done.  I'm COMPLETELY happy with my favorite boy and my favorite girl.  I feel like my family of 4 is what God had in mind for us.

(all of these pics are from my iphone...so they're not the best quality) 

"My Saylor Sailed over the Ocean...

"...My Saylor sailed over the sea..."

"...My Saylor sailed over the Ocean, so bring back my Saylor to me!"
Love singing her this song ;)

Love my girl.

She's sitting in her highchair now!  So far she's had: Rice cereal, sweet potatoes, peas, bananas, pears, applesauce.  We've been gradually introducing baby food to her.  She LOVES it!

These kiddos LOVE their Daddy

This girl also LOVES her big brother

and Kohen LOVES his "Sweetheart"

Lucky to have these two as my babies

Now on to my baby boy.  He is hilarious.  He has me belly laughing ALL the time.  In the picture below he pulled Saylor's bouncy seat on top of him and said "Look Mommy!  I'm a turtle!" lol

Silly Boy :)

I love the mornings when I go wake him up for preschool and Saylor is still sleeping.  I get to crawl in bed and "snuggle, snuggle" and "love" on my little boy.  He always says "The sun come out today Mommy?" and "I had a good night sleep Mommy".

and now I'll leave you with a very random, but very cute picture of Shelley, Maddie and Saylor!

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The Bost Family said...

Love the pictures! I can't believe Saylor is already 6 months old! That went by really fast. You still need to post pictures of her nursery! I'd love to see it!