Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Ooops!  I forgot to add the pics of us after church when I did the Easter post before...  It was not a very fun photo op because Kohen was DONE with taking pictures.  Here's the best we could do!

It's been a FULL weekend of activities!  
I went to Kohen's school to help celebrate Easter on Friday.  

Then all of our friends got together this past Saturday to have a huge Easter egg hunt and crawfish boil.  

This was the first year Kohen understood what Easter was about and also the first year he understood what it was really like to hunt eggs!

This is Kohen and Saylor's sweet friend Audrey.  She is such a nurturing little girl.  Always so sweet and polite.  Kohen and Saylor adore her.

I LOVE this picture of Kohen, lol!

I love these boys!
Mike, Paul, Jason and Rick

The Easter bunny was VERY late getting to our house.  More than 24 hours late.  But tonight he showed up and the kids were very happy.

 (Please excuse the black spot at the bottom of the next few pictures... I had the wrong lens on the camera)

This is Saylor's 1st Easter.  I gave her my Easter basket that I had when I was a kid.  

Kohen got a little too happy about his m&m's and they busted all over the floor...

But his Daddy helped him "clean" it up ;)

Just for fun...

Kohen, Easter 2009

Kohen, Easter 2010

Kohen, Easter 2011

Kohen & Saylor, Easter 2012


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