Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Halloween & Christmas 2012

I can't remember if I ever posted pics from Halloween 2012...  Here are a few pictures


I've been working on this post for a long time.  Not really sure how far to go with my emotions... I start writing then delete everything and turn off the computer.  It's just exhausting.  So, I've decided to sum up Christmas quickly.

When my Mom and Dad bought their new house, they bought it with Christmas in mind.  They wanted enough bedrooms for each of their kids and their families to have a bed.  They were ready to start the new tradition of having Christmas in their brand new house.  My Dad had even picked out where he thought the Christmas tree should go.

We were dreading Christmas.  On Christmas Eve, after the kids were asleep,  my Mom asked us all to sit down because she needed to talk to us.  So Shelley, Adam, Scott, Jason and I sat down with my mom and we talked until almost 3:30am.  On top of my Mom losing her husband of almost 40 years, she is also dealing with the earth shattering reality that her kids don't have a dad anymore.  It was a very emotional pow wow to say the least.

My mom attended a grief sermon in LR (different from GriefShare) and they suggested to do a tree for the loved one that was lost.  So we did a "Dad" tree.  It had ornaments on it from our childhood plus his favorite sports teams, etc.  

Christmas Morning...

Kohen's Santa Pile     

Saylor's Santa Pile

 Later Christmas night, it began to snow

We went to Jason's parents house to have Christmas with the Smith family

Jason and his Dad

Smith grandkids

Jay, Julie, Jeannie, James & Jason

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