Monday, June 17, 2013

Picture Overload

I haven't posted any pictures since Easter, so I'm going to try and catch up... 

I have a TON of pictures of Saylor because Kohen is going through a stage where it irritates him for me to take his picture!  

 My babies

My BFF Ashley

Headed to the George Strait concert!  

Just me and the boys!  Jason, Michael Leal & Paul Alveraz

I sure do love these two Texas boys :)

and I sure did love our AWESOME seats!!!  No zoom on this pic!

We're in the process of turning Kohen's room into a Star Wars themed room.  He got to pick his bedding for his new big boy bed...Darth Vader & Stormtroopers wouldn't have been my first choice, lol  Now we just need to get the bright green walls painted.

My sweet girl is growing up.  
This is my friend Tori holding her a few weeks after she was born, and now.

Playing in Mimi's bathtub and talking to Jinixie the dog

Kohen and I planted a flower garden while Saylor was taking a nap :)

Ashton and Kohen

On the Anniversary of my Dads death, we stayed the night in Arkadelphia at my uncle and aunt's house (Stan and Kellye).  It was great to be with family during that time. 

Max, Asa and Maddie eating breakfast

The cardinal that came to see us that morning (on the fence)

 After going to the cemetery we went to Mom & Dad's house to have dinner and let the kids play.

I now have Dad's Cardinal shirt he was wearing in this picture.

first band-aid 

Silly boy

 Saylor gives Mimi the best hugs and kisses

lots of golfing... helps me get my mind off of things.

Can you see Saylor in the mirror?  Cutie pie

Kohen's Mother's Day performance at his preschool.  He hated it.

It's pool season!  

Talking to his BFF next door

Getting a toy at Daddy's dental office

Treats at Mimi's house

These two have SO much fun together

Golf with Ashley 

I'll post more pics tomorrow.  

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