Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weather, Birthday & Arkadelphia

Channel 7 did the weather forecast from my backyard!  
I wrote to them about my obsession with the weather and I was so lucky we were chosen!  
 As soon as they got here and were setting up, my phone started blowing up with texts and phone calls! LOL!  I guess my neighbors were a little curious!

 Barry Brandt from channel 7 was the one that did the forecast :)
He grilled for us too!

Picture with the whole crew 

 Barry even jumped in the pool while on-air!  

This was SUCH a fun day!!!  I'm so glad my sister and cousin Laura were there too :)

Max, Kohen and Maddie


Ashton turned 4 this month.  He had an army themed birthday party.


My family and Shelley's family went to Arkadelphia to spend the night at Stan and Kellye's house.  
The kids had so much fun!  
Stan is doing an amazing job at being a PopPop figure for our kids.  We love him so much.   

The adults had fun too!! 

Asa and Kohen, lol

Saylor and Maddie

Kohen LOVES hanging out with Max :)

My kids were EXHAUSTED when we got back to Conway!  

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