Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Saylor's 3rd Birthday

My sweet, sweet baby girl turned 3 on Monday, August 25th.  When we scheduled my c-section, we had the option to choose September 1st, which was my Dad and Jason's Dads birthdays as well.  We chose to select August 31st instead to give her her "own" day… come to find out, we didn't get to chose the day after all!  She had to be delivered a week early because of a sudden spike in my blood pressure.  She was the best baby.  She was an easy baby.  She ate well, sleep well and her brother adored her so much.  She is still my sweet baby, but not so easy anymore!!! She has a very feisty attitude that her mommy gets to see more than anyone!  She has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger, along with everyone else who crosses her path!  She is extremely smart, she is extremely funny and extremely independent!  Some of her favorite things are playing with Peyton and pushing him in her stroller, riding her bike (with training wheels), eating, going on golf cart rides and watching "newvies" (movies).

We decided to just have my neighbor, Ashley, and her 2 kids and our friends (the Leaches) and their 3 kids come over for pizza, cake and swimming on Sunday afternoon.

Monday night (her actual birthday) we headed to the bowling alley and met Scott and Mom there. 

Tuesday night we went to Mimi's house to celebrate some more!  Saylor, Mom and Asa all have birthday's within a week of each other.  It was great to get together with my family at my Mom's house.    She works ALL the time and is selling her house, so we don't get to go there very often for get together's (hint, hint…don't work so much Mom!)…

We had a good night.


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