Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Play time

Jason's mom told us about this fish aquarium crib toy that moves, lights up and plays music. We bought it at Wal-Mart for like $35.00. It's one of Kohen's FAVORITE things! It's so nice to lay him in his crib while I can get a few things done and he's totally entertained. It even comes with a remote so I can start it over without him seeing me come into the room. I love doing dishes or folding laundry while hearing him laugh at the swimming fish in his crib! It's so cute!


Heather said...

Hi Steph!
Paige has that aquarium too and she likes it a lot also...although we(parents) probably like it more than they do. It is nice to have free hands once in a while! :o)

Susan said...

Oliver loved his aquarium too! He still likes it- I often come in the room and he's turned it on himself and is sitting there watching the fish!! It might be the best $35 you will spend!!