Saturday, January 31, 2009


Kohen has been a trooper today. We were out and about for awhile today. We went to TJMaxx, Best Buy, and three different furniture stores! That's a pretty good workout when you have to get the car seat and stroller out that many times! Jason and I laughed today while we were in Best Buy because of how often we go there. We said that Kohen has been to Best Buy more times in his first 3 months than any adult has been in a lifetime! One reason for us going so often is because we've been trying to buy Wii Fit FOREVER! They're sold out in pretty much every store and online and they're too expensive on ebay. A few weekends ago Jason went to Best Buy first thing in the morning...when he got there they had already sold out. He went across the street to Target and luckily they had two left so we got one. I have had so much fun on with Wii Fit- it's awesome. I get a pretty good workout on it. I do yoga, aerobics, strength training and balance games. I took it to Arkadelphia to let my parents try it out last weekend. It was hilarious watching my mom "ski" :)

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