Thursday, January 8, 2009

Time with Daddy

So...upstairs in our house is what Jason likes to call the "Man Cave". This is where he has his golf stuff, gaming consoles, weight lifting stuff (that he never uses :), basically anything I don't want downstairs goes up there. Well, just about EVERYday Jason and Kohen go to the man cave to play xbox and have "quality" time together while I'm downstairs doing laundry, dishes, you know the fun stuff. Sometimes when Kohen gets fussy, Jason likes to say it's because he wants to go to the man cave to play xbox! I have to admit...Kohen takes very good naps in the man cave!
Jason also likes to show Kohen his putter collection and head cover collection and tell him all about each one. It's pretty sweet. Jason is designing a custom putter right now for Kohen! Jason always talks about strapping the car seat onto the golf cart! I can tell right now that Jason will always be an active dad in Kohen's life. Kohen is so lucky to have such a great daddy!!!
I went upstairs to take some pictures of the guys but Kohen was asleep...below are the pictures

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Delta Bost said...

I think I recognize the chair that is in the man cave!!! Kohen looks so precious!