Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sasha visits Arkansas

My best friend from Kansas City flew in last Thursday to come visit! Kohen felt like he had two mommies while Sasha was here! We had SOOOOOO much fun. I was very sad to see her leave on Monday. Jason would just shake his head at us because Sasha and I are SO much alike, he had to deal with double the trouble :)

"I love my Aunt Sasha!"

We went to a Japanese Steakhouse one night. Kohen was great until the chef started clanging all his cooking utensils. Kohen SCREAMED. Jason and I were shocked because we have NEVER heard him so scared. To make matters worse, the Hibachi guy got my baby to try to calm him down...seriously, do you really think that would work???!!! (I don't know why there are two of the same picture, it wouldn't let me delete the duplicate)

Kohen did calm down after the guy handed him back to us. Jason held him until the cooking was finished. Kohen enjoyed watching the action-from his Daddy's lap :)

Saturday Sasha, Kohen and I went to the mall in LR. Sasha was DETERMINED to buy Kohen a gift. So, we went to Build a Bear! Sasha and Kohen picked out a monkey to "make". Below is Sasha and Kohen helping stuff the monkey. Sasha picked out the cutest little outfit for the monkey. It was a little golfer type outfit. Adorable :)

Sasha and Kohen

The next two pictures are out of order....Sasha wasn't here for the wal-mart trip but I thought I would post them because they're so cute.

Sasha and Kohen again :)

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