Friday, January 15, 2010


Four hundred and fifty-five. That's how many CONSECUTIVE good night kisses I've given Kohen. Tomorrow that streak will end. Tomorrow I will not be able to kiss my baby boy good night... Or sing You Are My Sunshine and Amazing Grace to him before I lay him in his crib. I will not get to read "I Love You Through and Through" to him either. I will not get to turn on the video monitor 100 times to make sure he's ok. I will not get to hear him playing with his toys when he wakes up in the morning. I will not get to say good morning and change his diaper while I sing "Good morning to you, you live in a zoo, you look like a monkey, aaannnddd you smell like one too!". I will not get to hear him laugh so hard at that song and want me to sing it again.

Jason and I are going to Dallas tomorrow. My WONDERFUL sis-in-law is staying with Kohen until late Sunday night. I feel completely comfortable with Kristin keeping my baby boy. She works at Children's Hospital so she's always around babies and she knows what to do in an emergency (right Kristin??? Just remember... 911...) :) No, I really do trust her. She loves Kohen and I know he loves her so much too. They will have so much fun together.

I don't know how I'm going to drive away tomorrow.

Below is a picture of kiss #1...

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