Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lunch with Max & Random Pictures

Today Mom and I went to eat lunch with Max at his school! Max is in Kindergarten, has two missing teeth and has very good artwork hanging in the hallway at his school :). I brought Max a kids meal from Subway. I asked his momma what to get him in his kids pack and she said: Turkey sandwich, chocolate milk and apples. Well, I got him: Turkey sandwich, chocolate milk, Cheetos and a chocolate chip cookie :). I think Max liked his lunch from "Stetie" :)!!!

Maxy-Boy and Me

Mimi and Max

After Mom and I left Max's school, we picked Shelley, Maddie, Kohen and Asa up so we could do a little shopping. We looked hilarious everywhere we went because we had so many buggy's and kiddos! Below is a picture of Kohen, Maddie and Baby Asa at Old Navy.

And here they are in Target :)


I took this picture a few minutes ago of my boys.

Dentin wanted in the picture too.

On Thursday Kohen and I went uniform/scrub shopping with my mom. Kohen was getting a little bored so I gave him a sucker. He LOVED it! AND he didn't get messy :) Mom said she has never seen a kid eat a sucker and be so clean afterward!

This is a very blurry picture but I still wanted to post it. Kohen has recently started holding hands (actually he just holds two of my fingers) and guides me around everywhere. He pretty much pulls with all his might for me to follow him. I love it. He's so amazed at his new "trick". He pulls me around and watches my feet walk beside him :)

And this is a VERY random picture, but it makes me happy. This is at our new house that we're in the process of buying. I drive by it everyday. On this day there were two huge storage "Pods" in the driveway- so, they're packing up so we can move in! YAY! Only 11 more days until we Close!

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The Cowart Family said...

Hey Steph!
I saw the comment you let on the blog. As much as Micah Claire loves her trampoline, I think I love it more. I have had a blast doing handsprings and flips. I remember all the fun times we use to have on my trampoline too! It warmed my heart for you to mention my brother. It's so wonderful to know that people still remember Brent! When I read your post about Trey I was overhelmed by emtion. I wanted to post something but I just couldn't but into words my heart felt. I have no idea how parents go own after losing a child. I hope and pray it's something that none of us ever have to experience!
I told my mom about your comment about her looking 29. She said you are the smartest person in the world! LOL
I hope all is well in your world. Kohen is beautiful!