Thursday, January 28, 2010

Smart Boy

So... lately I have been working with Kohen and trying to teach him animals and animal sounds. He can recognize a bird (as long as it's on a St. Louis Cardinal shirt or hat), when asked what a dog says, he will say "woof woof woof" (always 3 woofs), and when I point to Dentin or Peyton he will say "K-Kitty". I've also been teaching him other animals like duck, monkey, lion, etc.

Short story 1:
We went to a shoe store two days ago and there was a big ceramic horse in the kids shoe section. I rolled Kohen's stroller up to the horse so he could look at it while I looked at shoes. The first thing he said when he looked at the horse was "wow"! Then he said "woof woof woof".

Short story 2:
We arrived in Orlando yesterday and went to dinner at The Crab House. Kohen was pretty fussy because he was exhausted, so I walked around the restaurant showing him different things. There were a bunch of big colorful fish hanging from the ceiling in the restaurant. Kohen spotted them immediately and pointed up and said "wow" followed by "woof woof woof".

Short story 3:
After we left the restaurant last night we had to go to Wal-Mart because Jason forgot all of his toiletries. I took Kohen to look at the fish aquariums while we waited. He was amazed by the fish. He of course said "wow" then he looked at me and said, "K-Kitty".

Seriously, I must be the worst animal/ animal sounds teacher ever....

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Delta Bost said...

First of all, I can't believe Jason forgot something!! :)
Second of all, you taught Kohen very well, so well he can't get it out of his head!! And he knows the K-kitty would love to see those fish!!
You should bring him to our house and he could say woof woof woof all the time at our doggies!