Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Phen!

This past weekend we went to Phen Elder's 1st birthday party! It was so much fun! The party was at Phen's house in the backyard. There were lots of fun water activities for the kids.

This is Phen with his Daddy and Mommy, Steve and Britni. Steve was one of Jason's fraternity brothers in college and he was also a groomsmen in our wedding 7 years ago! Kohen and Phen will be in the same grade together! Maybe one day they'll be fraternity brothers too!
The Elder Family!

LeeAnna Boyce and Kohen

I'm one proud Momma :)

These are all the kiddos that were at the party

Brian Boyce and Kohen.

Kohen decided he wanted to play in the dirt/mud instead of playing in the water. He's ALL boy.

And here is Phen diving into his smash cake!

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