Monday, November 29, 2010

The longest Blog Break Ever

I didn't mean to take a blog break, but I just haven't had time to blog lately.  Here are a few pictures from the past few days...

Cute picture, but, I hate this train.  This is a picture of Kohen bringing me the train to put back together... I swear I have put this train together over 500 times.  After about a week of dealing 
with this *%$@ train, I hid it while Kohen was taking a nap.  

My sweet boy

Don't ask me why we have a play room....because it might as well be in our living room...

 Yep, another picture of Kohen bringing me the train to fix!  At least he does it with a smile!

 I think this picture is the first time Kohen understood what I was doing with that 
black thing in my hand (camera).  I've always said "Say Cheeese" when I take a picture and this was the first time he actually said it.  After I took the picture, he ran up to me to look at the pic I took!

I told him "ok, go back and stand in front of the Christmas tree so I can take another picture" and he did just that!  Hopefully this means the next time we have professional pictures made he will cooperate! Lol!

And here's where he got distracted by the tv :)

Once again, this is NOT the playroom...  Before I had Kohen I swore I would never be THAT mom that always had toys all over the place... oh well :)

I'll try to do a much better job blogging this week!

On a side note, Jason and I went to the Hogs vs. LSU game on Saturday and it was AWESOME!  Best game we've EVER been to!  Go Hogs!  Thanks to Jake, Ashley and Lauren for babysitting!  We were gone for about 10 hours so they split up babysitting duty :)  We're so lucky to have such WONDERFUL babysitters!

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