Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

We have been very busy lately!  Here are some VERY random pictures of our life these past few weeks!

Toy Story 3 (finally) came out yesterday.  We took Kohen to Best Buy to buy it.  He was SO excited to see the displays :)

He brought his BFF, Woody, with him (His other BFF, Buzz, had to stay in the car)

Two weeks ago Jason was honored at the Sigma Phi Epsilon Alumni banquet during Henderson State University's homecoming.  He was recognized, along with three other men, for his lifetime contributions to the Arkansas Beta Chapter of HSU.  I hate that I missed the banquet but it fell on Kohen's 2nd birthday, so I thought that was a pretty good excuse for me to stay home with my baby boy :)

Like I said, these next few pictures are very RANDOM!

This is Sherri and her two boys and Kohen at Wal-Mart

Kohen fell asleep with a sucker in his hand.  Don't tell his daddy he ate a sucker :)

This is a picture of Sherri's little boy.  For homework, he had to draw his family on this paper.  Look closely...  They have an "extra" member in their family.... It's ME!!!

The boys watching a movie

My new favorite thing is my Scentsy warmer!!!  My friend sells them and I am IN LOVE with these things!

We hosted our first annual Halloween party this year!  It was a LOT of work but it was also a LOT of FUN!  We hired a karaoke company to come DJ/Karaoke throughout the party.  We even had our own "dance" floor!  

Here are my AWESOME Conway friends!
Sherri. Me. Ashley. Amy. Tori

Scott and Kristin

Jason and I!  
We stuck with the pirate theme so we could leave up some of Kohen's pirate birthday decorations.

We were so busy with having three parties in a row (CASA afrer party, Kohen's bday party, Halloween Party) at our house that I forgot one very important thing..... Kohen's Halloween costume!!!!!  On Halloween day I had to scramble to find him something to wear.  I came up with this cute little shirt that Shelley gave him that says "So many Trains, so little time" and I put a red bandana and an engineer hat on him and... Ta Da...his Halloween costume...

Mimi and Poppy gave Kohen this sandbox and toys for his birthday.  We just now put it out for him in the screened in porch area and he LOVES it!  He plays in it everyday (even when it's raining!).

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MLBarajas said...

Kohen is so cute and I love his name!