Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We hosted Thanksgiving this year for Jason's side of the family at our house!  This is the first time in 30 years I have not traveled somewhere for Thanksgiving.  Growing up we would always go to my grandparents house.  When I got married we would always go to Jason's parents house.  I have to say that when I first found out we were having Thanksgiving at our house I got a little stressed out!  Thoughts of my mother-in-law having to cook in my kitchen freaked me out a little! HA!  So I went to Target and bought all new dish towels, oven mitts and serving utensils!!!  One of my main worries was her discovering my very unorganized Tupperware cabinet!  (by the way, it's organized now :)
We had 22 people at our house.   I have to say that it went VERY well and I would be more than happy to have them ALL back next year!  Jeanie, I'll buy new pots and pans next year! HA! :)

 AnnaGrace and Lauren (the BEST babysitter EVER!)

Christian and Jenna (I don't think Jenna let Peyton go the whole time she was there! Peyton got to be wrapped in blankets, rode in a wagon and was made to sit in an Easter basket, HA!)

Katelyn and Julianne

Samantha and Sydney

(Kohen LOVED Tim)

Jake (Jake babysat Kohen while we went to the Razorback game this past Saturday!  Thanks Jake!)

Time to eat!

I'm thankful for this sweet boy...

TONS of food!!!


After everyone left, I prepared myself to do some Black Friday shopping!  I met my mom, sister, sis-in-law and Caron in Maumelle to go to the WalMart doorbuster sale at midnight.  We got there two hours early and sat by some big ticket items until we were able to load them in our baskets at 12am.  It was PACKED!  I decided that I was SO tired (plus I was pretty much done with getting all of my gifts bought earlier that week) so I went home after only one store.  I called my sister the next morning at 10am and she was STILL shopping!!!  She shopped all night long! 

If you're interested click "HERE" to look back at last years Thanksgiving.


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