Wednesday, April 20, 2011

100% GIRL

At the appointment when we found out the sex of the baby, my doctor told us he was 80-90% sure it was a girl.  At my appointment yesterday we were told it was 100% a girl!  I have to say, I don't think I would have been surprised if they told me they had made a mistake before and that it's really a boy!  I am STILL in shock that it's a girl!  

Here's a picture of our girl sucking her thumb...

My family and my friends know that I have been SOOOOO worried because I haven't been able to feel the baby kicking.  I'm 21 weeks pregnant and I felt Kohen start kicking at around 18 weeks.  This doctor appointment that I went to yesterday was at the hospital.  They did a complete check up of the baby.  I learned that the reason I haven't felt the baby is because I have what's called an "anterior placenta".  So my placenta is in between my belly and the baby.  So instead of it being belly then baby then placenta, it's belly-placenta-baby...  

You can see in the ultrasound pictures below, the position of my placenta...  (on the right side I highlighted it in pink so you could see it better).  I compared this ultrasound picture with Kohen's ultrasound pics and my placenta was underneath him.

So no wonder why I can't feel her!!!!  I will be able to feel her a little later in my pregnancy.  I had been so worried about not feeling her kick that I thought she may not have legs and that might be the reason!  Horrible...I know.  I cried like a baby laying on that ultrasound table when I saw my baby was indeed alive, kicking and I could HEAR the heartbeat.  

I also learned at my appointment that my baby girl is breech.  
This isn't really a big deal to me since I'm having a c-section anyway :)

Look at this sweet face!  She has her MOMMY'S nose :)

She's got her Daddy's long legs!

10 toes :)

She's perfect.

On another note....  
I've been shopping.... A LOT.

Going to Dallas and Kansas City two weekends in a row right after finding out we're having a girl called for TONS of shopping and lots of PINK!

Jason's mom bought our sweet girl this outfit, blanket, bunny and hair bow :)

I bought these teeny tiny bows.  I thought they were so cute!

more outfits....

My friend Deanna gave our baby girl this sweet little hat and bow (and a ton of other bows) while we were visiting in KC.

I saw this pink dress and HAD to have it!  I didn't even look at the price tag... that's how bad I wanted it!

Sweet little socks and bib from Christie and Natalie :)  LOVE IT!

I think I bought 42 outfits/onesies in two weeks....  I know, I've lost it.

Kohen checking out all the pink...

I only bought 3 things with crabs on it...  hehe...  love me some crabs :)

Kohen's pink shirt he's going to wear to the hospital!

My friend Sasha gave me these two onsie's while I was in KC!  


Beth said...

You haven't lost it! Dressing up little girls is so much fun!!! I used to get so tickled when the dryer lint would be pure pink :)

Julee said...

I love all the pink!! She will be precious in all those cute outfits!!

The Bost Family said...

Love the clothes! Congratulations on the little girl!