Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kansas City

Last weekend we drove to Kansas City for the Midwest Dental Conference.  
We stayed at the Hyatt Crown Center.  The first thing I did when we got to our hotel was stand at the huge window that overlooked downtown Kansas City...and I started crying.  I miss Kansas City SOOOO much.  Jason does too.  I think we would move back in a heartbeat if our family lived closer!

 This is Kohen sitting in the hotel lobby playing on "his" iphone

looking wayyyy up high

While Jason was in lectures, Kohen and I, and my 19 week pregnant belly, went to the KC Zoo.  I've been so tired lately and sickly I didn't know how this little outing was going to turn out...

My most favorite part of the zoo was the polar bear.  He put on a great show for us and we were so close!

I love this picture!  The polar bear would push off the glass with his big feet and we could see his paws.

Waiting on the train.

It was a NIGHTMARE getting Kohen OFF the train.  He was kicking and screaming and yelling "TRAIN"!  Luckily I had a stash of suckers (my go-to distraction from anything!  Good thing his daddy is a dentist!).

So.  Kohen and I rode the tram (not to be confused with the train) to "Africa".  It was a good little tram ride....pretty far to get to where we were going.  When we got to Africa (and after the tram left) we discovered that the chimps, zebras, giraffes and rhinos were off exhibit due to construction of the new African Sky safari Tram.  SERIOUSLY???  Why did they not tell us this BEFORE we got off the tram?!  The sign said the tram would be back in 23 minutes.  UGH!  Kohen kept saying "giraffe? giraffe?".  Well, I wasn't about to wait at the tram station for 23 minutes.  SO we started to walk.  I must add that the tram ride to Africa was all downhill.  So you could only guess what the walk back had in store for us.  By this time, Kohen refused to get back in his stroller.  So I was walking along the far side of the tram trail holding Kohen's hand with one hand and pushing the stroller with my other hand.  The ONLY thing that made this walk worth it was this....

We had to cross a bridge and we got to see a REAL train! 

Before we left the zoo we stopped to see the polar bear again...

That night we ate at T-Rex...  This is where Kohen's new love for dinosaurs began :)

Leaving the restaurant, Kohen spotted a horse!

We met up with Sasha and her boyfriend for lunch one day.  I HATE that I didn't get a picture.  We also ate dinner with the Bierk's.  It was SOOOOO good to see my KC friends!  I miss them very much :(

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