Friday, April 15, 2011

Dallas (again)

Jason was a groomsmen in one of his good friends weddings 2 weeks ago.  So we headed to Dallas for the weekend (actually Wednesday-Saturday).  After our last Dallas trip.... I was dreading this one...  SO.... we took help!  Jason's mom and dad went with us! (They watched Kohen while Jason and I went to the wedding rehearsal, wedding and reception)

Our trip went great this time!  There were two major things that made it better.  One being that his parents were a GREAT help and two, we stayed in an executive suite.  It was nice having both bedrooms separate from Kohen's "play" area.  AND...he loved having his Poppa and Nana around. :)  

Congratulations Joe and Kristy!

Some of Jason's best friends

The wedding took place on the 69th floor of the Bank of America Building in downtown Dallas.  It was right at sunset and it was BEAUTIFUL!  We had a panoramic view of Dallas throughout the wedding and reception.  

Kohen slept until 11am one morning!

This is Nana and Kohen at the Dallas Aquarium...

Thank you Poppa and Nana for helping us SOOOOO much!  Kohen loves you and we do too!

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