Monday, June 27, 2011

Destin, FL 2011

We just got back from a 7 day vacation in Destin, FL!  Next time we're staying longer (and flying, lol)!  We left Conway Saturday morning and headed to Maumelle to pick up my parents and my brother.  We all rode together on the 12 hour trip and I must say, the best traveler of us all was Kohen!  He did great.  Between the iphones, ipads and the DVD player, he was a very happy boy.  We had to stop several times on the way and way back (10 to be exact) because I'm at a point in my pregnancy where blood clots are a risk.  My mom did a very good job of reminding me to move my feet and legs around as much as possible.  Plus I had to pee all the time so the stops were very necessary!

Kohen LOVED the ocean, beach, playing in the sand, swimming pool, condo and going out to eat.  He was seriously perfect (most of the time :).  I, on the other hand, had a harder time than I thought I would.  Being 30 weeks pregnant presents quite a challenge when walking through the sand, while carrying a beach bag and holding an anxious 2 1/2 year olds hand!  Luckily I had Jason, Scott, Mom and Dad to help carry the ice chest, rafts, boogie boards, beach toys, chairs, and towels!    

My little beach baby!     

He loved running in the sand :)

Eating breakfast on the balcony watching the boats

He loved the waves.  He especially loved when Jason or Scott would pick him up right before the wave hit.  He would have swam all the way out to the middle of the ocean if we would have let him!  He kept pointing out further saying "That Way!".

Jason and Kohen

Taking a break from the water

Everyday after leaving the ocean, we would stop at the pool to swim.  Kohen became a little dare devil here!

Going to eat.  I was feeling a little anxious because Kohen is usually HORRIBLE at restaurants.  But he did great EVERY time we went out to eat!

Scott and Mom

Kohen was too busy to look at the camera.  This is the best shot we got of our family of 3.

Mom and Dad

Another day on the beach!

We had 4 lounge chairs and 2 umbrella's reserved everyday, but I preferred to sit closer to the water :)

Mom is going to kill me for posting this but I think it's hilarious...
She got very sunburned on the tops of her feet the first day, so the next day she wore SOCKS! HA!

Jason and Scott snuck away to play golf one morning...



Dad and Kohen (we did not plan the matching outfits, lol)

Kohen and Daddy

Scott, Kohen, Jason

Jason playing a little golf game at Harbor Town

Kohen and Poppy!

Having fun on the beach with Poppy

Sweet boy

I love this picture...
can you see the airplane?

Mimi and Kohen

Scott took a picture of us from the balcony.  You can see Dad and Jason in the chairs by the water and Kohen and I walking to the right of them.

Jumping off the steps

Scott holding Kohen behind the waterfall.  Yes, Kohen liked this too ;)

Eating a banana...

My handsome little boy

Kohen looks EXACTLY like his daddy when Jason was this age!

Beach pictures of our family.  No, I didn't post many because I hated most of them (of me)!  It's hard having a "photo shoot" when I know how big my belly is!  We also should have waited a little later into the evening to take them because the sun was so bright... Kohen was squinting in most of them...

Kohen kissing baby Saylor :)

Our camera fogged up and we didn't know it :(

Scott and Kohen

Playing in the sand 

I already miss Destin!  I would drive 12 hours tomorrow if it meant we were going back again!  Can't wait till next summer :)

A few things to remember:

*On the way home Kohen kept saying that he wanted to see his kitty cats and his kitchen.

*When we woke up at home the next morning, Kohen looked out at our pool and asked where the ocean and the boats were!

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