Monday, June 13, 2011

Mini Weekend Trip

This past weekend we had reservations at the Treehouses in Eureka Springs.  About an hour before we left I was reading the VERY fine print online and read "NO CHILDREN".  Jason called the Treehouse people immediately and they confirmed that no children were allowed.  So we had to cancel.  I was so disappointed because I had been looking forward to our mini weekend trip.  So, we decided to head up to Branson instead.  

We only wanted to stay one night.  That way we would get back on Saturday and still have all day Sunday to hang around our pool and relax before Jason started his work week again.  

We stayed at Chateau on the Lake Resort and Spa.  This was our second time to stay here and I honestly don't see us staying anywhere else every time we take a trip to Branson.  We are completely spoiled to it now!  You could seriously stay your whole weekend at the Resort and not run out of things to do.  

We were all about RELAXING on this little stay.  We didn't even go out to eat!  We ordered room service for all of our meals and I'm so happy we did.  (Kohen is TERRIBLE these days at restaurants).  Jason and I were able to eat together for once (one of us is usually tending to Kohen while the other one eats, then we switch).  Kohen ate then got to play with his toys while we ate.  

Our view from the balcony...

We visited the Butterfly Palace

Kohen hated when the butterflies would fly right in front of him!

We got to the Palace as soon as it opened so we were the first (and only) people there!  It was great having it all to ourselves!

This picture makes me laugh because Kohen was wanting us to hold him so he could get away from the butterflies!  He looks so worried!

He DID love the Butterfly Palace...just not when they got so close!

We went shopping at the outlets too.  It was a fun little trip.  Now I'm ready for our week long trip to Destin!!!!

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