Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sister Love & Broken Collar Bone

This video was taken the day we got home from the hospital...

Jason had both kids asleep in his arms :)

Two days after we brought Saylor home from the hospital we were all in the kitchen.  Jason was holding Saylor and sitting on one of our bar stools.  I was across the bar area talking to them.  Kohen crawled into Jason's lap too.  When he tried to go from Jason's lap to the stool next to them, he slipped and fell.     Jason tried to catch him but couldn't because he was holding Saylor.  Kohen hit the tile floor and starting screaming/crying.  I quickly ran around to where he was and Jason passed Saylor to me like she was a football so he could get to Kohen.  I just knew his head was going to be busted open and blood was going to be everywhere....
There was no blood and he just had a small bump on his head.  I couldn't believe how lucky we were that it was just a small bump!  WELL...  Kohen stopped crying and complained about his shoulder throughout the night.  He would hold it and say "hurt" or "hurting".  Mom and I both thought that if his collar bone were broken, then he would be crying uncontrollably.  Jason thought it was broken.  
The next morning, the first thing Kohen said when he woke up was "hurting" while holding his shoulder.  I called and got a doctor appointment for that morning.  I was still "out of order" from having a baby so my mom took Kohen to the doctor and Jason met her there.  When they got home and told me the xray showed his collar bone was broken, I lost it.  I remember hugging my mom and just crying and crying and crying and crying and crying and crying and crying.  Words can not express how HORRIBLE and HELPLESS I felt for Kohen.  Not only had his world just been flipped upside down by having to share HIS Mommy and HIS Daddy with a BABY... but now he was hurt and Mommy couldn't fix it by kissing it.  I only stopped crying when my mom told me that it could have been worse...  at least we were not at Children's Hospital with a head injury.

Kohen was re-x-rayed about 2 weeks ago and it had still not healed.  They said to keep the brace on for two more weeks.   

Soon after this accident, he had another accident.  I was in the shower when this one happened.  Jason walked into the bathroom holding Kohen with blood everywhere.  I was screaming "What the H*!!".  Jason said Kohen was climbing on the side of our bed and fell and hit his face on the side board.  He chipped his front tooth and tore that little piece of skin in your mouth above your front teeth (the frenum).  So he basically did his own frenectomy.  There was also a big cut from his lip up to his nose....  You would think the accidents were over right???  No.  Two days after this Kohen was walking up our brick steps and fell and hit his face on the corner of the bricks.  I seriously panicked.  I thought it got his eye.  It was dark in our garage so I couldn't see him very well.  I took him into the light and saw he was cut under his eye.  Poor baby.  I called my neighbor Adam to come help me because I saw his SUV was home but he texted me he was in a meeting.  I took a deep breath and said to myself "I can handle this".  I carried Kohen in one arm and Saylor's car seat in the other and somehow managed my way inside.  

My sweet baby's face looks pitiful.  His top lip was so swollen he looked like he had lip injections!  Keep in mind he started preschool with a broken collar bone, the next day he had the busted lip, then the next day he had the cut cheek....  Not a very good first impression as parents...

I'm REALLY trying to blog more often.  I have tons to blog about... I'm mostly wanting to just document but I have some things going on that I'm hoping other bloggers can help me with.  hopefully it won't be too long before I blog again.

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