Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Saylor is 2 months old!

I can't believe my sweet girl is already two months old! She is still perfect :) Here are some things about her:

- wears a size 1 diaper
- drinks up to 4 oz. of formula
- takes a great morning nap and lots of little naps throughout the day.
- Sleeps between 8-10 hours about 95% of the time at night (Did I mention she's perfect?)
- still wears little bitty newborn clothes, but is starting to fill them out more
- has huge blue eyes
- has her momma's hairline, lol
- has the longest little fingers
- has the smallest little tootsies I've ever seen
- gives the sweetest open mouth kisses, lol
- is the most gassy, stinky little girl ever
- loves listening and watching her brother play
- hardly ever cries (just when her tummy hurts or she's hungry)
- looks just like a "Wood" (Kohen looks like a Smith!) But then again... Kohen's baby pics look a lot like Saylor...
- has a mommy who absolutely ADORES her ;)

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