Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

Kohen had Fall Festival at his preschool on Halloween morning...

I failed to buy costumes again this year...  Kohen wore a fireman outfit he already had and I came up with Saylor's "costume" right before we left for the Halloween event.  Maybe next year I'll be on top of things!

I have to say... She makes a pretty cute "Peabra"....  that's a peacock and zebra combined... ;)

Look closely at her sweet little face in this picture :)

There's my fireman!

My sweet boy and girl

We went trick or treating with our neighbors...  this is Kohen, Samantha and Ashton

Kohen wouldn't look at the camera so I told him to "look at my nose" and this is what he did...

seriously...  God KNEW I needed a girl...

Ashton and Kohen towards the end of trick or treating.  Kohen would say "Next house Mommy!".

This little boy has had more candy that any child I know these past two days!  Can you tell?

We went to the Centennial Valley Country Club Halloween event before we trick or treated (pics out of order).  

Just look at my beautiful babies!

This is when Saylor was in front of the judges for her age group for best costume.... yes, she won :)

This is Jason trying to get Kohen to go in front of the judges for his age group...  he wasn't having it.  He just wanted to eat sweets at the table instead.

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