Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

I love to decorate for Christmas.  I especially love to decorate Christmas trees.  
Here is Saylor's tree... 

Kohen's Christmas tree...

 Our family Christmas tree...

 More Christmas decorations...

Kohen had his very first Christmas Program at school.  We were gone to NY the week they practiced so I was VERY nervous about how it would go.  
 Kohen didn't know Jason and I were there to watch him.
Here he is walking out with his teacher...

And of course... he was very shy and sat in her lap pretty much the whole time!

 Jason stood up to take this picture and Kohen spotted him.  You can see him telling Ms. Angie that he sees his Daddy!

 And in this picture he spots our neighbor, Adam...

So... he decides to leave the stage and go sit with him!

I decided to sneak down front to try and get him to go back on stage, but then he just wanted to sit with me...

 Kohen, Ms. Angie, Ashton



Here is Kohen's "Santa pile":  
Plasma car, Fire truck, Train, Grocery store with food

Saylor's Santa pile:
Pink walker, Cabbage Patch doll, Jack in the box, Beauty & the Beast DVD, Pink Nutcracker

On Christmas morning last year, I found out I was pregnant...  and this Christmas morning I have a Santa pile for a little GIRL!  Crazy how 1 year can change everything!

Max's Santa pile:

Maddie's Santa pile:

Asa's Santa pile:

Our stockings

Santa left LOTS of fruit and candy on Christmas morning!  Santa did this for Jason's family when he was a little boy :)

The living room before the kids came in to see what Santa brought them...

More fruit and candy on the coffee table!

and even more in the kitchen!

Kohen did NOT want to wake up!

The kiddos running down the stairs to see what Santa brought!!!
(Maddie, Kohen, Max, Asa & Shelley)

Kohen took his time...

My sweet Saylor was sleeping and missed the excitement

My sweet little family :)

Saylor loves her new ride!

Mimi helping Kohen put together his train

My blue eyed baby girl

Kohen loved his new guitar!  Now he can be just like Scott!

reading a book

 Maddie's hair salon...

Kohen's turn!

We packed the kids up and headed to Fordyce on Christmas afternoon...

more gifts to open!

Julianne and Kohen

our family photo... yes, kohen has his finger up his nose...

We forgot to take family pics before everyone left, but we managed to get Jason's sister's family:
AnnaGrace, Michael, Christian, Julianne and Julie

Nana and Poppa

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