Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fun Day in Fordyce

Jason's birthday was yesterday.  We played golf and had dinner with friends.  Today we woke up and headed to Jason's parents house in Fordyce.  

We had the BEST day.  We ate lunch and visited with his parents.  They watched Saylor while Jason, Kohen and I went on a 4-wheeler ride!  Kohen was in absolute heaven.  He had his Mommy and Daddy all to himself.  

We drove all through the woods on different trails.  Kohen was having the time of his life :)

We were riding alongside the railroad tracks and saw/heard a train coming.  We RACED to find a spot to get further away from the tracks.  We found the perfect spot and sat back and watched the MEGA train go by.  (We don't get trains like that in Conway!).  We even got the engineer to wave to us!  

After the coast was clear, we took a walk down the tracks.  Once again, Kohen was lovin' life :)

We took off again on the 4-wheeler and came across a train car restoration yard.  We were the only people there (probably trespassing...).  Kohen got to walk around and look at all the different train cars...

We saw this sweet dog while we were there.

Back on the 4-wheeler!  

Next stop, the Fordyce Train Station!

 As soon as we got to the train station, another train came by.  Kohen was looking at me, worried, because the horn was blowing SO loud!

See what I mean by mega train?  They were double stacked!  

Nana, Poppa and Saylor met us at the train station to have a quick drink.  We were about to die of heat from riding the 4-wheeler! 

My sweet baby girl dressed in her Fordyce Red Bug outfit  :)

Kohen LOVED looking at all the train pictures

These next pictures are hilarious to me.  Saylor has started giving huge open mouth kisses when you least expect it!  I love Jason's surprised face!

Try number 2...

HAAAA!!!!  Pulled away just in time!

Silly girl.

It was nice to have a fun day.  Kohen yelled to Nana and Poppa "I loooove Fordyce!!!"

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