Thursday, August 16, 2012

Some things DO last forever

I got a tattoo.  
I never thought I would get another tattoo b/c I hate the one I got 12 years ago.  My other tattoo is of two tiny flowers.  It's such a stupid tattoo, but I just wanted one, so I quickly picked one out of a clip art book at the "Tattoo Zoo" while we were on a family vacation in Destin, FL.  I came back to the condo and showed my parents.  Both were very mad that I actually did it (even though I told them I was getting one).  I was 20, and stupid, and didn't care what it would look like 12 years later.  I wish I would have listened to my parents.

My new tattoo is different.  It actually means something.  I can't imagine I'll ever "not" like it.  

The tattoo is in my Dads handwriting and says "Love, Dad"

This is how he would always sign notes that he would write to his kids.

My sister and I both got the same one. 

I can't tell you how many times a day I look at my tattoo and think about my Dad.  When I'm sad I look at it... which is a lot of the time.  Or when I'm thinking about something he said or did, I look at it.  When I read it, I like to tell myself that that's what he's trying to tell me at that exact moment... "Love, DAD".  Sometimes it makes me cry and sometimes it makes me smile.    


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