Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kohen and Mommy Day

I've been so wrapped up in thoughts and emotions lately that I decided to take the day off and focus on my sweet little boy.  He amazes me.  Everyday.  He is SO smart.  So funny.  So generous.  I would give my life for this little boy.
Kohen is FULL of energy, absolutely LOVES his sister and did I mention he is SO smart?
As much as he loves (and worries) about Saylor, I decided to take just him to the zoo.  I used to have a zoo membership when Kohen was an infant and we would go a lot.  But we haven't been since he REALLY knows about animals and could completely take it all in.
He was a bit confused where Saylor was (I don't think he remembers life without her) but as soon as we got out of the car and were walking towards the zoo, just us two, he realized how special this day was.

First stop, the fish.  We could have left after this and he would have been completely satisfied!  

He loved being able to tell me which way we should go and which "path" we should take.

He is just like me as far as the zoo goes... you see an animal, you move on.  He was pumped to see the rhino, but he was over it in about 30 seconds wanting to move on to the next animal!  I was lucky to get this picture!

I felt like we had the zoo to ourselves.  We only saw THREE other families while we were there.... probably b/c it was 103 degrees!  (Yeah... didn't factor that in when I made the decision to go to the zoo while in my air conditioned house).  

OMG.  The train.  He could have ridden on the train the whole day.  The next 3 pictures are me TRYING to get him to look at me for a picture.  He was SOOOO excited about riding that he just couldn't stand to take his eyes off of the train!

He loved the penguins!

They loved him too!

I love this kid.

It was HOT!!!!!!!  Kohen said "Mommy, let's just sit down and rest."!  LOL. You have to understand that my kid hates anything to drink except for milk.  He hates fruit juice, water, everything.  He drank this WHOLE bottle of water by himself!  HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

The zoo has an awesome carousel.  We were the only ones on the whole ride.  He had to have the horse with red on it...  He loved every second of it.  He kept saying "Whoa Cowboy!"

Here we are at the very end.  SWEATY, SWEATY, but had SUCH a great day.

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