Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dentist, Dollhouse & ER Trip(s)

Kohen had his first "official" dental appointment with his Daddy last week.

 He was very good :)

Later that night we went to our friend Joni's house to visit with friends.

 I know what you're thinking... that the ER visit comes soon after these trampoline pictures.  But no one got hurt this time.  This is the very trampoline I broke my nose on...I did NOT get on it :).  Even Kohen said "No Mommy" when I asked him if he wanted me too. LOL

Loving on her buddy Paul

Saylor's new dollhouse 
 It's about time we got some PINK in that playroom!!!

Joni's twin girls came to spend a few hours with us one afternoon.

 Best Friends...most of the time ;)

We took TWO trips to the ER within 48 hours.  The first one was because Kohen slipped in the bathtub (he was in the master tub "sliding down the slide"...) and hit his head on the edge.  I was at a hair appointment and Jason called and said to come home b/c Kohen needed stitches.  I left, before my haircut was finished.  When I got home I agreed that he did need stitches.  It was about 10 pm by this time (yes, I had a LATE hair appointment!).  We headed in to the ER...which has become WAY to familiar lately.  We were escorted down that same hallway where that lady told us "Mr. Wood did not make it".  Lots of emotions were beginning to surface.  Luckily, we were taken to a different part of the ER that I have not seen before, so I was able to keep my emotions in check.
Kohen was being great.  No tears, no complaining.  Just a bloody gash!  The doctor came in and examined it.  He told us he thought the best thing to do would be liquid stitches.  
Thankfully, we were in and out within an hour.  
 The next day he started to get a black eye and it was very swollen.  It got even worse the 2nd and 3rd day but I don't have any pics of that.  Poor Baby :(

Our second trip to the ER (two days later) was for Jason.  He was at work and suddenly had a severe pain in his stomach area.  He knew it was not good and suspected a kidney stone (he had one about 7 years ago when we lived in Kansas City).  He got to the ER and the CT scan showed an 8mm stone!!!!!  They pumped pain meds into him quickly and the doctor (same doctor that saw Kohen 2 days before) said the stone had just passed through his ureter, which caused the excruciating pain.  The doc also said that he was amazed that Jason was able to pass that stone b/c only 1% of people can pass a stone that large.  The stone was now in his bladder.  He eventually passed it DAYS later and I was AMAZED at how big it was.  He will soon meet with the urologist and have the stone sent off for testing.  That may be TMI, but I had to document it!  

And here is a very random picture...  Conway now has a PINK firetruck!!!  I saw it pass the other day on it's way to a car accident on Hogan.  It looked kinda funny with those big firemen getting out of it!  

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