Monday, September 10, 2012

Saylor's 1st Birthday

My BABY girl is 1!!!

I just can't believe it's been a year since she was born.

Of course, I gave her a nautical themed birthday party :)
Here is the invitation...  of course I had to get matching address labels AND stamps :)

Here's Saylor in her Sailor dress!

 We had the party at Centennial Valley Country Club downstairs in the kid/party room.  This way I didn't have to clean my house! ;)

I've been collecting nautical themed stuff for MONTHS to decorate with...  So I had to take a picture of all of it!  Here is the decor and food

 Sailor hats for the kids!

I made a video of Saylor's first year...  it was devastating to see pics of my Dad.  I HATE that he was not there...

Some of the girls.  LOVE these kids!!!

My BFF Sherri moved to Texas the week before Saylor's birthday.  I was SO sad that she was going to miss her party... After all, she was the FIRST person (besides Jason) at the hospital when I found out they were going to deliver Saylor early.

All of a sudden she appeared at Saylor's birthday party!!!!  She flew in with her two boys just to come to the party!!!  I think I did the ugly Oprah cry when I saw her!  I couldn't believe it!!!  Her sweet son, Tre' told me "We would NOT have missed her 1st birthday for anything!"

Singing Happy Birthday to my sweet baby...

Blowing out the candle...

Daddy and Saylor

Terri and Lila.  Love these two!

I was so disappointed when I was looking at all the pictures after the party because I didn't have any (good ones) of my side of the family.  My mom, sister, brother, aunts and cousins were all there too...  We also had a swimming party right after that I also don't have pictures of :(  We also realized we didn't video record ANY of the party...  SO not like Jason and I to forget the video camera.  I guess I've just been so stressed that it slipped my mind.  Nothing I can do about it now...  Thankful for the pictures I do have!  (If any of you took pics, please let me know so I can get copies!)

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Miss E said...

It looks amazing! I love how cohesive your theme was!!! I hope you were able to get a few true smiles in, I know your dad was there in spirit. It does look that you got a few spurts of happiness in. Your baby girl got one awesome party from her sweet, sweet momma! Happy Birthday to Sailor!